QUIZ: Eat Thanksgiving Dinner and We’ll Tell You Who Stalks Your Socials

QUIZ: Eat Thanksgiving Dinner and We’ll Tell You Who Stalks Your Socials

It’s the end of November meaning it’s time to be thankful! While you’re spending time at home or visiting family and need something to do before waiting for that delicious meal you’ll be tucking into, why not kill a few minutes by taking our Thanksgiving quiz?

Or, if you’re from another country who doesn’t have Thanksgiving, this is the perfect chance to see what you’d put on your plate if you were visiting someone Stateside for the holidays. The more you know, and what not…

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With social media being so open these days, you never truly know who’s looking at your content… including your faves. Could you imagine Harry Styles scrolling through your socials while in his dressing room before a sold-out tour? Stranger things have definitely happened, y’know! Plate up for our imaginary Thanksgiving Dinner and we’ll tell you who secretly stalks your socials.

Thanksgiving Thanksgiving  Thanksgiving  Thanksgiving  Thanksgiving
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So, which celeb is guilty of stalking your social media accounts? Would you rather have our Thanksgiving Dinner or the one you’re having IRL? Let us know down in the comments below or by shooting us a tweet @TheHoneyPOP!

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