Where On EARTH is Eroda? Learn More About the Mysterious Island That Links To Harry Styles

Where On EARTH is Eroda? Learn More About the Mysterious Island That Links To Harry Styles

If you’ve been seeing the word “Eroda” on Twitter lately and wondering wtf people are on about, it’s Harry Styles‘ fault. Again. That cryptic tinker that he is. But what is it, where is it and what does it have to do with him?

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Advertisements to the mysterious island have been showing up on social media accounts and people were pretty skeptical until one genius fan created the ultimate theory thread…

It’s pretty beefy so if you’re a ‘TL;DR” kinda person, we’re breaking it down for you.

There’s a whole account, website and YouTube dedicated to ‘Visit Eroda’ – and it’s totally fictitious.

People have even left reviews for it on Facebook, which included “strawberries, watermelon and cherries”. YOU MEAN THE FRUIT THAT HARRY IS TALKING ABOUT THIS ERA? A LOT? People even said they’ll be visiting on December 13th AKA the day ‘Fine Line’ comes out.

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Oh, did we mention ‘Eroda’ is ‘Adore’ backwards which is a song from the album? No? Well, there we go.

It seems as though a lot of the images of ‘Eroda’ were actually taken when Harry shot a music video back in August in a small fishing village in Scotland.

‘Cherry’ Street and ‘Golden’ Way are also two places that are mentioned which are also tracks from ‘Fine Line’.

The ‘Yuna Inn’ is also linked to Mr Styles. Yuna is Japanese for ‘kindness’. Harry loves Japan and spent a lot of time – including his birthday – there. And also, um, ‘treat people with kindness’?!

Some tech-savvy stans even went to great lengths to prove that Eroda really is Harry’s doing.

There are a ton more theories, some which are a stretch but with Harry having long arms and everything, stretches aren’t always too far from the truth.

Let’s make a plan to check the Eroda website once we’ve listened to the album on December 13th and see what sneaky references we managed to miss.

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Listen, whoever came up with this and went to this effort to promote Harry’s upcoming album needs a pay rise and a complimentary all-inclusive trip to Eroda pronto.

What do you think of the Eroda concept? Have you noticed something we’ve missed that’s crucial to the plot? Share your Eroda theories in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP

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