Black Friday Tips and Tricks For The Best Experience

Black Friday Tips and Tricks For The Best Experience

Do you plan on going shopping on Black Friday? We sure are! It seems impossible to pass up these amazing deals heading our way. We here at THP have been discussing the best ways to snag the greatest deals and the hacks we have to get there, and we are ready to share our secrets.

Black Friday
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1. Make sure your car is empty the night before

If you plan to shop ’til you drop this Black Friday, it may seem well with your while to empty the little things out of your car. If you’re like me you have all the necessities. Three blankets, a change of clothes from months ago, and the important extra steering wheel cover. Let us get those out of the way just in case.

2. Carry a water bottle and Advil

Aches and pains are most likely to hit you when it’s inconvenient, ahem… crowded shopping malls… Let’s not mention headaches. Ugh. Advil could be your lifesaver. It’s easier to grab what you need when you are in a good mood and not in pain.

3. Research Research Research!

It’s important to know who is offering what prices. That way you can cross stores off of your list of where not to go. Keeping track of this will help from getting distracted and pulled into stores that you really don’t need anything from. It’s a trap!

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4. Bring the Ads!

Many stores, especially during the holidays, offer “the lowest price guarantee” but require you to provide proof as to where you saw those prices. This is similar to the price match guarantee. The store will then take the price of the item in the Ad and change it to that price. It pays to be prepared!

5. Make sure your phone is charged

Many ads and apps are on your phone. They offer the same thing as the in paper ads but they are all in the same place without the mess of flipping through pages with red circles on them. Now, what will you do if that isn’t available? Probably just die… Make sure its charged and ready for the morning!

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6. Amazon!

Amazon is known for its amazing deals, but they’re deals on Black Friday are unprecedented. The deals are extra special for prime members and students. College students are offered 6 months free of Amazon Prime when you sign up here.

7. Shop in comfort

Getting up early at the break of dawn is as uncomfortable as it gets. However, making sure you wear something comfortable can help take the stress out of shopping. I normally wake up and leave my pajamas on to go Black Friday shopping. Who cares what you look like when you’re scoring such amazing deals!

8 . Create a Playlist

Friday morning is not only going to bring great deals but also great traffic. A playlist will all your favorite songs can help make it bearable. Who can be in a bad mood when you’re hosting your very own carpool karaoke? James Corden is not included. Sorry… I don’t know the coupon code for that one… Sigh.

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Do you have any secrets for Black Friday? Willing to share? Let’s discuss on Facebook! You can find us at @TheHoneyPop on Twitter as well.

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