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Here’s What to Expect from Joe Jonas’ New Show

Here’s What to Expect from Joe Jonas’ New Show

The Jonas Brothers have taken the world by storm this year with their return to music. Between the release of their new album ‘Happiness Begins,’ and their coinciding tour, they’ve been busy bees! As the brothers are continuing with the second leg of the ‘Happiness Begins Tour’ (which you can get tickets for here) Joe Jonas is getting ready to kick off a new project of his own, a TV show!

The new show, aptly named Cup of Joe, will feature Joe visiting various cities on the band’s tour. From what we know, each episode features Joe exploring a different city with a local guide. In our opinion, there is no better way to uncover everything a city has to offer.

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Joe spoke to Music News about the upcoming series and said, “you often think you know about a certain place or a person until you take some time to dig deeper.”

He then went on to talk about his thoughts on the new show, saying “I’m fortunate to get to travel around the world through my profession and you often see me on the other side of the lens, but Cup of Joe is giving me the opportunity to dig a little deeper and point the lens at some of the world’s most interesting people… and some more of the weird, fun things I’m into.”

Seems like Joe is excited to go beyond his travels as an artist and see the world from a more personal level, and we can wait to sit back and watch with a “cup of Joe” in hand ourselves!

Joe not only will be the executive producer of the new show, but he will also be producing it! Like I said before, busy bee!

Cup of Joe will air on Quibi, a new digital streaming platform set to launch in April 2020. Fun fact! Joe’s wife Sophie Turner is working with Quibi on a show of her own; looks like the platform will be a family affair for the Jonases!

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There’s no news yet as to where Joe Jonas’ new show will take him, so we can only hope that they’ll take requests from the fans so we can see Joe Jonas in our cities. Imagine being the lucky person who gets to take him around!

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Where do you want Cup of Joe to explore? What are the standout sites in your city you think are worthy of Joe Jonas’ trip? Let us know by dropping us a comment, or tweeting us @TheHoneyPop!

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