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Our Dream Setlist For Little Mix’s Summer 2020 Tour

Our Dream Setlist For Little Mix’s Summer 2020 Tour

Little Mix Summer 2020

Little Mix are truly on a roll. They’ve released a Christmas single, have just finished up ‘LM5: The Tour’ and have already announced another tour!

Little Mix
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The Summer 2020 tour will see Perrie, Jesy, Leigh-Anne, and Jade perform at 20 cities across the UK at both stadiums and festivals, including the famous ‘Hyde Park BST’ Festival in London on Saturday July 4th.

The tour will follow shortly after ‘Little Mix: The Search’ finishes up the first season, where the winning group will be joining the girls on the road as their support act. It’s so exciting!

As the girls are still working on LM6, we’re going to assume this is going to play out similarly to their ‘Summer Hits’ 2018 tour. We’ve been thinking about what songs we’d like to see the girls perform this time around, so we present to you our dream Little Mix ‘Summer 2020 Tour’ setlist!


This anthem is so freaking iconic and we are still listening to it on a regular basis because we got the power! This would be such a strong opener. Imagine them emerging from under the stage on four motorbikes before pulling off killer choreo. Iconic.

‘Black Magic’

Such. A. Bop. It’s such a happy feeling song and we know that they probably wouldn’t rid this song from the setlist anytime soon, but just as a reminder: we still want this live, girls!


‘Strip’ is such an incredible song. It’s so empowering and a fan favorite. Plus Sharaya J’s verse is killer. We need to see this live as a big celebration to loving ourselves.


This song really deserved better, didn’t it? It’s one of their underrated singles but we still love it here at THP. We hope it’s not going to get the boot from the 2020 tour.

‘I Love You’

This is such a stunning ballad. It’s full of emotions and is one we liked to play when we’re in our feels about someone. If we’re gonna have a good ol’ cry during the show, then this song needs to be one of the reasons we ruin our makeup. It’s a great way to change the mood of the show, too.

‘Secret Love Song Pt II’

Such a special song for the girls and fans alike, the energy in the venue when this song is performed live is ecstatic. It’s a beautiful tribute to Little Mix’s LGBTQIA+ fans and is just an incredible part of their shows.


From sensitive to sensual, let’s do a 180 by adding in what’s potentially Little Mix’s sauciest song to date! Plus when Leigh-Anne spits those bars on her rap, we lose our shit.


This was definitely a fan favorite during their 2019 tour, so we would love if the hype of this song carried on into the new decade and made it to the setlist.

‘Joan of Arc’

Another feel-good song that we are obsessed with is ‘Joan of Arc’. It really makes you feel like you are that bitch and what’s better than a stadium full of bad bitches celebrating their self-worth together?


This is such a sad but sexy tune which has the potential for such an incredible sultry dance (let’s bring back the chairs from ‘Get Weird Tour’!) and you know the crowds will go wild for it.

Forgotten Songs Melody

Some songs have been dead and buried for a while now, but imagine if the girls revived them for the tour with a melody? We’re thinking ‘We Are Who We Are’, ‘Stereo Soldier’, ‘Mr Loverboy’, ‘Competition’, ‘Grown’, ‘You Gotta Not’, ‘Down & Dirty’, ‘Private Show’, ‘American Boy’ and ‘Motivate’, but open to suggestions.


The single that got them started, we could never say no to ‘Wings’! It would feel weird if they didn’t perform it, to be honest…


Another bad-ass song that makes us feel our worth! Salute has always had incredible choreography and is one that really gets the crowds riled up. NEED. IT. ON. THE. SETLIST.


One of our all-time favorites, ‘Hair’ was, still is, and forever will be a certified bop. We’ve seen some of the best Little Mix choreo during Sean Paul’s rap, so we would like to see it again, please.

‘Woman’s World’

Let’s slow it down one more time with such an important ballad. ‘Woman’s World’ needs to be heard by everyone and we are determined for it to be on the setlist.

‘The Cure’

This is a truly gorgeous song that fans really resonate with. It really has the power to make people feel that self-acceptance and is an amazing feeling to have on tour.

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‘Shoutout To My Ex’

We’ll never get over this pure banger. It’s one that will bring the beginning of the end of a show to an ultimate high and everyone will be singing (albeit, out of tune) at the top of their lungs as a solid salute to their exes.

‘Reggaetón Lento’

Reggaeton Lento. What a song. The Little Mix remix is iconic and gets our hips swaying while the girls are strutting their stuff on stage.

‘Woman Like Me’

One of their best singles to date, ‘Woman Like Me’ is such a bop and truly gets us going. Plus, imagine if they brought Nicki out for their special Hyde Park performance? You’d find us deceased.

‘Bounce Back’

It’s such a summery song full of big vibes so ending this with a ton of beach balls being thrown around in the audience would truly be everything

And there you have it – our dream Little Mix ‘Summer 2020’ tour setlist. We could definitely add a lot more and it took us ages to narrow it down to the average length. We’d definitely pay to have like an all-day concert to see them perform all their songs.

Little Mix Summer 2020
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Tickets to Little Mix’s ‘Summer 2020’ tour go on sale Thursday, November 28th here

What songs would you love for Little Mix to perform on their ‘Summer 2020’ tour? Will you be getting tickets? Let us know what you’re thinking down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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