5 Reasons Why … You Should Stan Grayscale

5 Reasons Why … You Should Stan Grayscale

Clearly, here at THP we’re big fans of all things music. But we’re even bigger fans of all things Grayscale! Whether you refer to this Philly quintet as pop-punk, alternative rock, pop, or coffee shop rock, there’s no denying these guys have something special. It’s time we set the record straight with our five biggest reasons stan Grayscale.


1. Even though they’ve only been signed to a major label for two years, these guys carry themselves like they’ve been around for twenty years.

We mean this in the most positive, complimentary way possible. Since the very first show we caught Grayscale at, they’ve been rocking that stage like true professionals. With unbeatable energy and stage presence, it’s hard to think of many other bands we’ve found that carry themselves so well so early on. These guys know how to create a show and how to work a crowd. While we aren’t sure if it’s from all the work they put into being an opening band for so long or their collective experience as fans of music, whatever it is, they’ve nailed the art of a live show.

2. Their music takes on real life issues and heavy topics.

One of Grayscale’s main areas of expertise is their ability to discuss heavy topics within their music without dancing around the subject or romanticizing sensitive issues. It’s important to them as individuals and as a band to explore these matters without painting them into a pretty little picture, which so often happens when tragic lyrics meet pop melodies. Throughout their full-length albums, they cover things like mental health and suicidal thoughts, addiction, morality, and self-harm, amongst other things like love and sex. When you listen to their lyrics, it’s obvious what each track is about and the message manages to remain front and center.


3. They have some of the best merch in the game.


Maybe this is a weird one, but it’s 100% true. Since pretty much the beginning of their band, Grayscale has consistently dropped high-quality, fashionable merchandise that doesn’t look like it came from a band at all. Taking inspiration from sports merchandise, college gear, and large fashion companies, together with their creative director (Jordan Mizrahi), Grayscale drops regular seasonal lines of product.

Ranging from pajamas and hoodies to vans and cross-body bags to letterman jackets and custom baseball jerseys, there’s very little these guys haven’t tried. And with seasonal drops comes Black Friday sales and we’d be lying if we said we weren’t absolutely stoked to see everything they’re releasing this year.


4. The band and their team genuinely love what they do.

In a way we’ve rarely seen before, every single one of these guys loves this band on an entirely different level. Not only that, but they have a genuine love and caring for the people who support the band. There’s no lacking in giving back and making sure their fans know just how much they’re appreciated. If it’s not fun little hangouts during VIP with donuts and coffee, it’s one-on-one chats by the merch table after the show or interactions via social media. Even more incredible, every single person who is part of their surrounding team seems to share that same love. They will (and have) gone above and beyond, to make sure everyone has the most positive, memorable time when it comes to Grayscale.


5. Every show is like a family reunion.

Whether you meet-up with longtime friends or make new ones within the crowd, every show feels like coming home to family (in the absolutely best way). There’s a comfort and warmth to it and it’s hard to feel sad or alone when you’re surrounded by so many welcoming people who would have your back without a second thought. It’s a unique environment and one we’ve struggled to match every time we try. Nothing feels quite like a Grayscale show, we can promise you that, and we absolutely encourage you experiencing it for yourself early next year as the band embarks on their second headlining tour, Nella Vita Part II!

While you’re here and deciding to stan Grayscale, we fully suggest you enter our current contest to win a signed Nella Vita CD and two tickets to a Nella Vita Part II date of your choice!

Dying for more Grayscale content? We got you.

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Images: Jordan Mizrahi

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