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11 Fan Stores to Support For Small Business Saturday

11 Fan Stores to Support For Small Business Saturday

You know how sometimes merch can be too expensive or not to your taste, but you still want to rep your faves? That’s the beauty of fan-run stores. They know the struggle of finding something that you will actually like and often take the price point into consideration! Not to mention they are fans who are running a side hustle and are in more need of the dough than massive companies. We wanted to help support some amazing fan stores that we think you should check out this Small Business Saturday…

Small Business Saturday
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Small Business Saturday

RevlApparel is full of variety in their merch. They dabble in KPOP, current pop stars, pop culture memes and more, meaning there’s something for pretty much everyone! They have a number of items, but our favorite is the punny J-Ho-Ho-Hope Christmas sweater that we need to cop for the holiday season.

Shop RevlApparel here


Small Business Saturday
Image Source: TeesByTJ

Based in California, TeesByTJ sells apparel inspired by the likes of Harry Styles and 5 Seconds of Summer. Her designs are bold and beautiful, meaning you’ll for sure get compliments on your look. They’re so awesome, even Michael Clifford himself is a fan!

Shop TeesByTJ here


Small Business Saturday
Image Source: 5hineebytori

This store is SHINee specific and has the most beautiful enamel pins and jewelry inspired by the KPOP group that are the cutest things we have ever seen! They’re perfect for any SHAWOL in your life and are a great Secret Santa gift.

Shop 5hineebytori here


Small Business Saturday
Image Source: TheSleepingPixiee

TheSleepingPixiee covers a number of artists including 5SOS, 1D Ariana Grande, and the Jonas Brothers and offers various products, including things you wouldn’t think of such as bag tags which are perfect for when you’re traveling for multiple tour dates! The most popular item is the liquid glitter cases that gained a lot of attention after recently going viral.

Shop TheSleepingPixiee here

Fangirls Unite!

Small Business Saturday

Prepare for Harry Styles‘ new era with merch dedicated to him from Fangirls Unite! It has everything a Harrie could want; t-shirts, sweatshirts, phone cases and more. It also has a lot of vintage and positive themes, so it really channels H’s aesthetic.

Shop Fangirls Unite! here


Small Business Saturday
Image Source: FandomAesthetics

FandomAesthetics sells the cutest accessories for KPOP stans. These include Ateez Tumblr cups, Red Velvet lightstick straps, and charms dedicated to your bias! They’re such a great stocking stuffer for any stan and are something a little different from your typical merch.

Shop FandomAesthetics here


Small Business Saturday
Image Source: MerchByMillie

Based in North Carolina, MerchByMillie sells the cutest handmade merch inspired by Ariana Grande, Harry Styles, Jonas Brothers, and Shawn Mendes. You can even get venue-approved clear bags! These are so cute and ideal for your future Ariana shows to make sure you stay safe and stylish at the same time.

Shop MerchByMillie here

Pao’s K-Shop

Small Business Saturday
Image Source: Pao’s K-Shop

For the KPOP stan on a budget, Pao’s K-Shop has some adorable pieces for you! From keychains to buttons, stickers, and necklaces, accessorize your outfit with your faves in a subtle yet tasteful way, keeping them close to you at all times.

Shop Pao’s K-Shop here

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Summer Stained Clothing

Small Business Saturday
Image Source: Summer Stained Clothing

This 5SOS-inspired store is ideal for the 5SOSFam! Previously well known for their incredible alternative apparel, the store is currently selling the cutest buttons which you definitely need to cop this Small Business Saturday. But be sure to keep an eye in case their iconic clothing comes back in the foreseeable future.

Shop Summer Stained Clothing here

Styles By Allyne

Small Business Saturday
Image Source: Styles By Allyne

Who said merch can’t be luxurious? Styles By Allyne offers tasteful merch with a subtle nod to pop royalty such as Harry Styles and Taylor Swift as well as some generic fandom pieces that any stan can relate to. Ideal for the older fan who may not be as keen to wear merch with faces or obvious lyrics, we cannot get enough of these designs, especially the silk shirts!

Shop Styles By Allyne here


Small Business Saturday
Image Source: Fishcookie

Based in Malaysia, Fishcookie is home to possibly the cutest pins and keyrings in all of KPOP merch! The attention to detail is incredible and they make for the best accessories to any outfit, bag or pin collection. We need them all.

Shop Fishcookie here

Small Business Saturday
Image Source: GFycat

Will you be shopping Small Business Saturday? What’s your favorite fan store? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP

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