Let’s Go Behind The Scenes With Isabela Merced

Let’s Go Behind The Scenes With Isabela Merced

Isabela Merced has released her new music video for her latest single ‘Papi.’ Many of you will know her from her song ‘I’ll Stay,’ recorded for Instant Family, and her film Dora The Explorer and The Lost City of Gold. The song is full of exciting Latin beats along with a touch of hip-hop. That being said, it takes everything in us to not get up and dance to this song.

You can watch the music video here:

This song makes us feel empowered and sexy. At only 18 years old Isabela is able to spoil us with this kind of content. What are we doing with our lives? Speaking of spoiled … Isabela takes us behind the scenes of her music video.

The four minute video takes us through dance rehearsals, her makeup process, and the shooting of the music video itself.

Isabela is caring towards her team members and everyone who works as hard as they do to produce such an amazing video. Making sure masks are fitting, not too hot, and are feeling on top of their game. We have some mad respect for this girl!

On top of caring for her team, she also cares that people have knowledge about her culture. Many of the masks and beautiful outfits represent a deadly sin, which were taught by the conquerors of Peru to the natives. History with Ms Merced is my favorite subject TBH.

You can watch the behind the scenes video here:

To learn more about Isabela Merced:
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