Why Normani Being The Next Big Name In Pop Music Is So Important

Why Normani Being The Next Big Name In Pop Music Is So Important

There’s no doubt that Normani is becoming the next big name in the pop industry. I mean, look at her! She’s beautiful, a great dancer, lowkey a model, and has some killer vocals. She’s already an icon, and we learned more about her story in her interview with Cosmopolitan. After years of being apart of Fifth Harmony, it seems as though she has flourished and emerged from her shell, a butterfly ready to spread her wings.

If you want to view the full interview, click here! In the meantime, we’ll tell you why Normani’s being the next big name in pop music is so important.

Ellen Von Unwerth

She’s helping represent the black community.

While planning her music video for ‘Motivation,’ she expressed how much she wanted to make it a representation of herself. There isn’t too much black culture when it comes to pop music, and Normani was determined to express it.

“I told the director, ‘I want this to be as black as possible,’” she says, sitting at a café after spending hours browsing the soul section of Amoeba Music in Los Angeles, her fingers gently plucking through cassette tapes and vinyl records. “I was like, let’s show black culture. Why does pop music have to be so white? Why don’t we make it a little bit more me?”

Clover Hope, Cosmopolitan

There aren’t a lot of black pop artists in today’s time. Granted, we have Rihanna, Mariah Carey, and Beyoncé. In a long line of strong, black pop artists, it started with legends like Billie Holiday and Etta James. Both of them inspired Diana Ross and Tina Turner, which led to Janet, Whitney, Mariah, and finally to Bey and Rihanna. Normani believes she is next in line for the throne.

“Those women before me, I wanna finish what they started … I’m gonna make whatever I do black,” she says. “You’ll know that I’m a black girl, even if it’s on the quote unquote whitest record ever.”

Clover Hope, Cosmopolitan

Being proud of your culture and skin color is something this generation needs right about now. With tragedies and racism in the air, Normani is destined to help make a positive impact. While she is having an effect on the black community, she is also having an impact on younger girls.

She’s becoming a huge inspiration for younger girls.

Born in Atlanta, then moving from Louisiana to Houston, Normani could be described as an introvert when she was younger. She expressed how she has been most of her life hiding, even when she was a part of Fifth Harmony. She felt invisible not only because of the color of her skin, but because she also felt she was holding herself back.

“I remember always being asked, ‘Why do you wanna be in a girl group? So you can hide?’” Normani says now. “And that’s exactly what I was trying to do.”

Clover Hope, Cosmopolitan

As she gained more confidence in the spotlight, she told herself that enough is enough — that she is worthy of performing onstage and that she could do it. So many young girls struggle with confidence and self worth, whether it be because of their skin color, body image, or social standards. Normani is now here, among other artists, to let them know that they are not alone. Her journey gives hope to girls who aspire to be like her, and we stand by her every step of the way.

She’s a hard worker.

Saying that Normani worked her butt off is an understatement. Growing up, she was an amazing gymnast, and she apparently still holds a Texas state record for floor routine! You go, girl!

Although she’s a fire dancer now, she didn’t take it too seriously when she was younger. That is, until a dance instructor approached her and her mother and asked her to join a class.

“Who is that girl?” the woman whispered. “Look how strong she looks. I need her in my class.”

Normani became the youngest student in the dance studio, a team player who eventually got the chance to be the star.

Clover Hope, Cosmopolitan

“I know how to work really hard, harder than everybody else,” she says. “If they’re putting in five hours, I’m putting in eight.”

Clover Hope, Cosmopolitan

If you’ve seen the choreography in her music video ‘Motivation,’ you just know that she spent hours perfecting it. While she was opening for Ariana Grande in 2019, she spent her off hours rehearsing for the music video. We love a dedicated queen. Ladies and Gents, hard work will always pay off in the end — no matter how hard it is.

Normani is an artist you definitely don’t want to miss out on. Not only is she incredibly talented, but she is also planning on leaving her mark on the world. We’re proud and rooting for you Normani!

What do you guys think of the interview? Do you find her story relatable? Are you dying to hear the other projects she has coming up? Comment your thoughts down below, or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

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