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HINAPIA’s Debut: Check Out K-Pop’s Newest Girl Group

HINAPIA’s Debut: Check Out K-Pop’s Newest Girl Group

It’s no secret that K-pop groups are on the rise and we have a new group for you to keep an eye on that’s set to top the charts. New girl group HINAPIA’s debut came about on November 3, 2019, with their single ‘Drip,’ charting at No. 18 on Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart. Starting with a bang, HINAPIA!

According to Billboard, HINAPIA held their own in a competitive week of K-pop releases this week; the girl group managed to land on the charts while up against some of K-pop’s most popular artists, such as GOT7 and Jay Park. With a track record like this already, HINAPIA are quickly becoming the group to beat!

After looking into the group, it’s clear to see that HINAPIA’s success is rooted in more than mere beginner’s luck. The group has an impressive lineup: four of the new quintet previously debuted as Pristin in 2017, disbanding in May of 2019, with their debut album and single charting extremely well. If you’re going to start a new group, you might as well start off with insane amounts of talent and experience! So, it’s no surprise that the former Pristin idols, Minkyeung, Gyeongwon, Yaebin, and Eunwoo, brought their skills and dedication to HINAPIA. The group’s debut added fifth member Bada, who brings her own unique talent to the mix.

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HINAPIA’s debut is in line with the trend of girl groups charting successfully over the past two years. Their success with ‘Drip’ makes them the fourth girl group to chart on Billboard in 2019. New girl groups like HINAPIA have even charted better than some of the rookie all-male K-pop groups this year. That’s a win for girl power in our book!

The girls self-describe as “ice queens” in ‘Drip’ and the video backs that claim up, featuring falling ice and sparkling jewels all throughout. Elsa who? I only know HINAPIA! The aesthetics give Elsa’s ice castle a run for its money, although HINAPIA sports an edgier flair. The video makes it clear that HINAPIA not only boasts powerful talent but a powerful look as well. It seems like they’re set to be queens of the ice and the charts.

You can check out the video for ‘Drip’ here:

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