Sia Melts Our Hearts By Paying For Groceries This Holiday Season

Sia Melts Our Hearts By Paying For Groceries This Holiday Season

The Holidays can be a hard time for some families, as Sia knows from just loosing her pup 😢. Knowing this, our friend went around the check out area of the Palm Springs Walmart and bought peoples’ groceries for them.

Sia is known to be shy. She hides her face with wigs that leaves everything but her mouth covered while onstage. We get it girl, no one wants people following them around in their down time!

However, this exact tactic allowed her to roam free without anyone recognizing her. She even told people that her name was Sisi. We see you, Sisi 👀. She also told the people who were asking her why that she had won the lottery.

I think the people who met Sia without knowing and had their groceries paid for are the winners here.

One of the girls who tweeted about the encounter let fans know that it was in fact our girl Sia! After the fact of course! We agree the kindness needed to be recognized!

Have you ever bought groceries for a stranger? Tweet us @TheHoneyPop or comment below and let us know if you have!


Featured Image Source: CNN

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Gabbi Van Valkenburg

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