Billy Talent Are Back And Begging For ‘Forgiveness!’

Billy Talent Are Back And Begging For ‘Forgiveness!’

Yes, you read that right! Billy Talent are back with a banger of a track in the form of ‘Forgiveness I + II’ and our minds are blown!

With their first original track release in over three years, the Canadian band has not disappointed with ‘Forgiveness I + II;’ with the combination of incredible lyrics and vocals, blended with different musical elements and transitions, the band is providing a little of something for everyone!


As the song title suggests, the song is presented in a two-part extravaganza, beginning with the incredible indie-prog rock form and powerful lyrics before beautifully transitioning into a gentle soft rock instrumental. Then, the track becomes uplifted with some low-key sultry jazz vibes with the harmonious saxophone.

TL;DR: it is literal bliss!

The release of this song marks a new period for the band, bringing in a slightly reimagined sound as well as marking the starting point for what is expected to be a very active period for the band. Color us excited!

You can listen to ‘Forgiveness I +II’ here.

Have your ears been blessed by this track yet? Are you excited for the new album? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop!

To learn more about Billy Talent:

Twitter | Facebook Instagram | YouTube

Featured Image Source: Skiddle

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