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Whether You’re A Little Angel or a Little Devil, You’re Going to LOVE The New TXT Music Video

Whether You’re A Little Angel or a Little Devil, You’re Going to LOVE The New TXT Music Video

Our precious babies, TXT are back with their ‘Angel or Devil’ music video and just like them, it’s PERFECT. We don’t know who they’re trying to fool though. They’re all angels. In a video filled with illustrated angel wings and devil horns over our faves, the boys deliver the same quality of dance moves and vocals we’re used to. But, let’s be honest here — they’re all in halos and they’re not fooling anyone if they try to say otherwise.

You can watch ‘Angel or Devil’ below. It’s their newest release off TXT’s new album The Dream Chapter: MAGIC. And they weren’t kidding. It’s magical, alright.

But, the new song and video have us wondering? What are we? The Angel or the Devil? Maybe a bit of both? It’s an age-old question that keeps us up at night. Mostly over what you are, though. We already know where we stand 😈

So, what are you waiting for? Will you join ranks with our little angels TXT? 👼 Or will you be joining us? 😈 Take our quiz below to find out!

So, what’d you get? Either way, you’re in good company tbh. And in case you weren’t given enough TXT content, just know there’s always more where that came from. Click here to read past TXT coverage, or check out this behind-the-scenes footage of their dance rehearsals below!

What did you think of TXT and their ‘Angel or Devil’ video? How many times have you hit repeat already? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

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