Niall Horan Announces His New Single ‘Put a Little Love On Me’ Through a Phone Call!

Niall Horan Announces His New Single ‘Put a Little Love On Me’ Through a Phone Call!

Niall Horan has been a busy boy, hasn’t he? He’s just tried his hand at presenting on Sunrise and now he’s announced his new single, ‘Put a Little Love on Me’!

Niall Horan
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Taking to Twitter, the Irish heartthrob uploaded a six-second clip along with a series of numbers, much like the ones we found in his music video for ‘Nice To Meet Ya‘. Of course, fans took to calling the number which played a clip of Niall working on ‘Put a Little Love on Me’ and singing along to a snippet.

Earlier today Niall also posted an Instagram story inviting fans to join a group chat with him. In the chat, he posted the lyrics in messages which of course, his fans so generously shared on social media.

After the uptempo sexy beats of ‘Nice To Meet Ya’, Niall has slowed things down with ‘Put a Little Love on Me’ so we know it’s going to really change the mood on tour next year. We can hardly wait!

Niall Horan
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The single can be expected to drop on this Friday, just over a week before his stint on SNL, where Niall said he’d be singing two songs. So now we know which two they’re gonna be!

‘Put a Little Love on Me’ is out December 6th

Are you hyped for ‘Put a Little Love on Me’? How excited are you that Niall Horan is back in business, baybee?! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

Thirsty for more Niall Horan? We gotchu!

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