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Our Dream Boy From Waterparks Releases Remix With JVNA

Our Dream Boy From Waterparks Releases Remix With JVNA

Waterparks released their third album Fandom in October. It quickly became a favorite on Twitter. The bright green album is fully charged with loud attention grabbing themes, all of which have been hand picked and thought out by lead-man, Awsten Knight. Some of our favorite songs off of the album are ‘I Miss Having Sex But At Least I Don’t Want To Die,’ ‘Cherry Red,’ and ‘Dream Boy. ‘

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Speaking of ‘Dream Boy,’ Awstens favorite song, JVNA has collaborated with our friends at Waterparks to create a remix of the it. You can listen to it here:

Who Is JVNA?

You may know JNVA from her popular Twitch streams, or her YouTube videos! Jana, otherwise known as JVNA, is only 22 years old and already successfully producing music. And let me just say, shes damn good. She recently embarked on her first tour called the Catch Me Tour. Tickets for the remaining part of her European leg of the tour can be found here.

The ‘Dream Boy Remix’ is here to not only make you get up and dance but to pull more meaning to the song. If you don’t know, the song is about fan expectations of your faves. At the end of the day, they are also humans. These deep thoughts make us want to blast the remix and go on a late night drive.

Likewise, Awsten shared his feelings with us about his thoughts on the album.

“We talked about music culture and fandom culture, how those things affect me, where I am mentally, and even a little bit about those relationships. A lot of the stuff that is more ‘heartbreak’ centered is coming from a more confident place than a self-pitying view. That’s why this is my favorite stuff we’ve done.”

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