VOTE: What Do You Want To See From ‘After We Collided’?

Fans are patiently waiting for more news on their favorite movie saga: the After series. On August 16th of 2019, the cameras began to film the first scene of the sequel, After We Collided. Fans are chomping at the bit to gather the tiniest bit of information on the movie but to no avail. This one’s under a tight wrap; subsequently, Tessa and Hardin will just have to wait… sigh…

A new movie brings new characters, right? We can expect a few fresh faces to join the cast, all of which are perfect for their roles!

Ready for some introductions?

First up we have our Trevor, AKA fu*king Trevor, portrayed by Dylan Sprouse. Trevor is Tessa’s co-worker and first friend at Vance publishing.

Next up is Kimberly, portrayed by Candice King. You probably know her from The Vampire Diaries playing Caroline Forbes. Now, she takes on the part as one of Tessa’s best friends. Needless to say, we all need a Kim in our lives.

Partnered to Kim, we have the boss man himself: Mr. Christian Vance. He will be portrayed by Charlie Weber. You may recognize him from his role as Frank Delfino on the show How To Get Away With Murder.

This little face is a personal favorite of mine: Smith (It’s a weird first name, we know)! Smith is portrayed by child actor Max Ragone. In short, he is the son to Vance. He is shy, quiet, and inquisitive; he definitely gives Hardin and Tessa a run for their money.

We have all been on edge waiting for Hardin’s mum, Trish. She is kind, gentle, and forgiving– basically perfect. She will be portrayed by Louise Lombard!

Finally, and probably the most shocking of all, is our brand new Karen and Ken Scott. Ken is Hardin’s father and the beloved Chancellor Scott; he and his son do not get along. He will be portrayed by Rob Estes. Karen is Ken’s new bride. She is Landon’s mom, which now makes Hardin and Landon step brothers. She will be portrayed by Karimah Westbrook.

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These new additions are so exciting to us, and we can’t wait to see them take the big screen. Likewise, let’s look at some scenes that we want to see in After We Collided. Actually, how about you rank them and see what scenes we for sure want to see?

Who do you want to see the most? Do you have anything you want to see that’s not on the list? Let us know in the comments or Tweet us @TheHoneyPop or comment below and show us your results!


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  • Tessa kicking Molly’s ass and trish tessa and hardin as well as tessa and hardins sex scene in Seattle after the club

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