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‘Heartless’ – The Weeknd Debuts New Music Video

‘Heartless’ – The Weeknd Debuts New Music Video

With the release of the ‘Heartless’ music video this week, it’s safe to say that everybody’s favorite Starboy is back! The Weeknd just dropped the video for his new single, and a new look, and we have to say, it’s quite the trip.

The video, which is directed by Anton Tammi, follows The Weeknd and Metro Boomin through their night in Las Vegas. The pair is seen stumbling through the Vegas streets through a blurry, drug-induced haze. It switches rapidly between shots of the pair gambling, running through casino floors, and driving through the still hazy looking streets. All of this happens with a trippy and blurry display of lights in the background. Sounds like quite the Vegas adventure but, ah, don’t do drugs kids.

The Weeknd and Metro Boomin are hanging out in the casino, living their best lives
Image Source: Daily Mail

The visuals in the video are stunning as well, with blurry, colorful neon Vegas lights and rapid transitions between slow-moving scenes. Many shots of The Weeknd feature him under a brightly lit ceiling, as he stares up at the lights as well as at his own hand. The video does a pretty good job of capturing the hazy, acid trip sort of vibe The Weeknd is going for. The overall consensus from the fans seems to be that the video is “psychedelic” and they love it.

The song itself has The Weeknd singing he’s “back to my ways” and is reminiscent of his old sound. However, fans feel that it does have a distinctly newer sound as well. Either way, it seems to be a hit.

Now, as one can expect from a video inspired by an acid trip, there are some interesting visual choices that were made. Halfway through the video, The Weeknd picks up a frog and licks it, which sends him deeper into his haze. We don’t know about you, but licking a frog does not sound appealing, no matter the result. Perhaps the Weeknd knows something we don’t. We’ve heard of kissing frogs of course, but not licking them. Let’s be real, there probably isn’t a prince on the other end of that interaction. It doesn’t really bode well for him in the end though. The video ends with him throwing up on the sidewalk. But not before seeing his own hands looking all frog-like. Yikes. Well, that’s a lesson learned Abel. Frogs probably don’t make the best psychedelics. Lucky for him, his fans seem to find positivity in everything.

Overall, the new sound and the new look have come together in a visually spectacular way for the ‘Heartless’ music video and it’s worth the watch.

You can check it out here:

The Weeknd will be performing on ‘The Late Show’ with Stephen Colbert this week on Dec. 5th and 6th, so be sure to check him out!

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