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EDEN Releases New Single Love, Death, Distraction

EDEN Releases New Single Love, Death, Distraction

The man of many talents, vocalist/producer/multi-instrumentalist EDEN released his new hit single Love, Death, Distraction. The latest song from his upcoming album, No Future set to release February 14th, 2020. A jack of all trades, master of all.

Image Source: Twitter @iameden

V Magazine details EDEN’s new song as portraying our destructive relationships with phones. ” ‘love, death, distraction’ is a hauntingly beautiful slow jam that doubles as a reflection of our relationship with our phones, brought to life by the strums of a guitar…”


Love, Death, Distraction Music Video

V Magazine premiered the music video, a desolating beauty that captures a hidden desire we all share. Filmed in Kazakhstan by Zhang + Knight, the video depicts a man in a flat-bed truck carrying a broken, wingless airplane unfit for flight. The man drives day and night through a landscape seemingly abandoned by God. EDEN’s song rocks you to sleep in the cab of the truck with the driver. Stopping for a cigarette break. Outside a hometown diner. Where real people are found, hidden away from the world. In the end the driver arrives at a dump and reflects, before continuing his duties to dump the plane.


Love, Death, Distraction may soon develop EDEN a reputation for hitting the right spot in listener’s hearts. EDEN himself, the talented Dubliner, said of our reality, “If you’re on Instagram and you see someone doing something amazing and you’re jealous, you can just put down your phone and go do something amazing too. But most of the time we just keep scrolling—it’s so easy to forget that we have that choice, and so we end up feeling stuck by things that actually aren’t sticky.”

Stuck by things that aren’t sticky. On the other hand, EDEN’s song has the ability to get you stuck, mesmerized. Entranced by his soothing melody. EDEN’s success shows itself. The Dubliner’s debut album Vertigo reached No. 1 on the iTunes Top Albums chart in 12 countries, amassing 200 million streams worldwide. On top of that, EDEN records all his albums in his home studio. This includes Love, Death, Distraction.

It goes without saying, EDEN’s stelar success impressed the most of us and continues to do so. Let’s help him get OVER 200 million streams worldwide! Be sure to check out his album No Future when it releases on February 14th!

Let us know what you think of EDEN’s song and the music video in the comments!

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Featured Image Source: Twitter @iameden

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