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The Used Are Back With New Music After Two Years And We Could Not Be Happier!

The Used Are Back With New Music After Two Years And We Could Not Be Happier!

Yes, you read that right! After two years The Used are back with a new track featuring Jason Aalon Butler! And, to make it even better, they have a new album on the way and the band working with the legendary John Feldman again. The album will be the band’s eighth studio album release!

The track ‘Blow Me’ displays the legendary Bert McCracken in his finest form, showcasing his amazing vocals that we have all been missing.

“The Used are proud to present our new song Blow Me featuring Jason Aalon Butler from Fever 333,” shares McCracken on the new single. “Whether metaphorically signifying the power of words in general, or magnifying concern for the situation of societal gun violence, we urge the fans of our music to find individual and personal meaning in all of our songs. Thank you, and please enjoy!”

Fever 333 supported The Used while touring in 2018, but this is the first time members of the two bands have recorded together.

“If I’m being honest, I’ve been a fan of this band since the first single they put on an Atticus Clothing comp CD back in 2002. I heard ‘Box Full Of Sharp Objects’ and thought- ‘This is it. This is the next step in heavier music with melodic sensibility,'” says Butler on discovering The Used. “I loved it. I studied it. Then I met the man that produced it, John Feldmann. Loved him. Studied him. Then- a couple months ago I was asked by the band and John to sing on a track from the new album. They played me some songs and, no bullshit, I got that feeling I felt when I first heard ‘Box Full’ on that comp 17 years ago. For any and all The Used fans – they’re back again. In a BIG fucking way.”

The Used signed to John Feldmann’s label Big Noise earlier this year, after having previously been signed by him to Reprise Records back in 2002!

Speaking about the band Feldy says “I couldn’t be more honored or grateful to have one of my favorite bands of all time at my record label! They are one of the most influential bands of the last 20 years and we are making a career-defining album at the minute. They are one of the best live bands I’ve ever seen and Bert is quite possibly the best singer I’ve ever worked with. This has been a dream of mine since I met them in 2001.”

You can stream ‘Blow Me’ from various platforms here.

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