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Sweet Releases — Sweet Creatures

Sweet Releases — Sweet Creatures

Rough week? We’ve got you covered with some new favourites!. These Sweet Releases will have you saying goodbye to that weekday stress, and hello to those feel-good vibes. You can thank us later.

So, throw on a face mask and jam out to these killer new tunes. Sweet Releases: that’s what I like to call self-care.

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Ashland — ‘Over The Moon’

OMG; we are ‘Over The Moon’ for Ashland! While the actual album Over The Moon is set to be released December 13th, Ashland have decided to bless us with two songs pre-album release. ‘Over The Moon’ is a song with a dreamy melody that tells the story of a girl who is completely ‘over the moon’ for her love – watch the music video to find out if the love story has a happy ending! ‘OMG’ is a sassy song with a beat that makes me want to completely jam out to this song. I for one couldn’t be more excited to listen to the whole album once it comes out. Ashland are definitely a band to keep your eyes on!

Meg & Dia — ‘Lights Blown Out’

‘Christmas without you around is a tree with the lights blown out.’ This lyric perfectly describes the feeling of having to celebrate Christmas with a special person missing. This is why ‘Lights Blown Out’ is the perfect pre-Christmas anthem for whenever you are in need of something comforting or if you feel alone. It has such a soothing melody that I always listen to this song whenever I have a bad day and just can’t seem to get into the holiday spirit. ‘Lights Blown Out’ is featured on the album December, Darling and I definitely recommend checking out the whole album for more songs to add to your Christmas playlist this year!

Brasstracks — ‘Always Be My Baby’

‘Always be my baby’ has been a classic for years and GRAMMY winners Brasstracks have majorly impressed us with an incredible cover. It’s completely instrumental and — just wow. We seriously think Mariah would be amazed. We can just imagine how hard it would slay with Mariah’s vocals.It’s simply stunning, and we are blown away by their talent!

Brooke Candy — ‘Nymph’

Brooke Candy’s debut album Sexorcism has dropped and the video for the first single ‘Nymph’ is here. It combines the childlike side of her personality with some risqué lyrics and it becomes the perfect dream world, with great lyrics. Her fans are already saying it reminds them of OG Brooke. Watch out world! If you like Cardi B, You’re gonna love Brooke Candy.

TEETH — ‘Filth’

TEETH have premiered the new video for ‘Filth’ and as the name suggests it’s quite a brutal and honest take on how disgusting abusive relationships are. The song and the video shows the band’s anger and frustration at this subject and it really shows through the heavy music and shouted lyrics. Not a light listen, but the use of emotion really helps bring the song to life.

The Man Who — ‘Down’

The Man Who brings us this atmospheric bop! It’s a song that just makes you want to dance! It has all the makings of an anthem and the lyrics are so relatable. The dark edginess of the performance is perfectly contrasted by the tube lighting used in the video. Matching the contrast between the darkness of the lyrics and the upbeat music of the song, it is a song you NEED on your playlists asap!

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Well, there you have it! We’ve compiled your newest playlist of your favorite songs and maybe some new big hits! Again, you can totally thank us later.

What do you think of these Sweet Releases? Do you have a song you think should be added to our list? Check out past installments hereThen let us know what you thought of them down in the comments, ortweet us @TheHoneyPop!

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