QUIZ: Make A 2020 Bucket List and We’ll Reveal Who You’ll Meet Next Year!

QUIZ: Make A 2020 Bucket List and We’ll Reveal Who You’ll Meet Next Year!

This 2020 bucket list will reveal who you’ll meet next year! Have you decided what you plan on doing next year? Not even next year, the next decade? Now’s your chance to do a little thinking; except that we’ve already compiled a few good ideas, so all you have to do is decide.

I feel you. You get sad when you think you may never meet your favorite artists. Well, I’m here to tell you that you can meet them and we’re going to tell you who. All you have to do on your part is take this quiz.

Spongebob long bucket list
Gif from Tenor

So, are you ready to learn who you’ll meet? After all, it could be the person that changed your life. To be extra personal in this quiz, I put the person that changed my life in it since I’d like to meet them. You won’t find out who, but you won’t even have a guess unless you take the quiz. What are you waiting for now, aren’t you going to make that bucket list, find out who you’ll meet, and have a guess at the person who changed my life?

Make your 2020 bucket list and reveal who you’ll meet next year:

Did you enjoy that quiz and wish there were more? Maybe take another one of our quizzes here.

So, what do you think? Do you think 2020 will be your year? This bucket list had a bunch of good ideas and I hope you take some of those into consideration.

What does your 2020 bucket list look like? Who did you get? Who will you meet? Maybe you got your favorite artist. Maybe you didn’t. Let us know in the comments, or on twitter @TheHoneyPop

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