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BRKN LOVE May Be Singing About ‘Flies in the Honey’ But We’re Here For It!

BRKN LOVE May Be Singing About ‘Flies in the Honey’ But We’re Here For It!

We have been so spoilt when it comes to all the amazing new music out lately. And BRKN LOVE’s effort with ‘Flies In The Honey’ is no exception!

With some serious lyrics paired with a catchy riff and a chorus that will end up stuck in your head for some time. This song has everything we love about music. It has a message, it has a purpose and keeps us wanting more as it finishes. BRKN LOVE have something very special here and we have to say this song will be a staple in our faves playlist for the foreseeable future!

“This one brings it back to our bluesy roots and I believe it totally encompasses everything that BRKN LOVE represents,” says Justin Benlolo. “‘Flies in the Honey’ has a message that is very close to my heart, and there are a few social issues we wanted to tackle on this one.

“Our goal here was to bring the issues of teen and young adult drug addiction to everyone’s attention. We hope that those who have suffered from or are currently suffering from addiction can find some comfort in this and remind themselves that they are not alone. This song has sort of taken a new life of its own since we started playing it live. People have been constantly asking us about this song after the shows and we are very happy to be releasing this for your enjoyment. Keep rocking and stay tuned for our new record coming this Valentine’s Day.”


And yes, what you just read is correct… our ears will be blessed with the release of the full album on Valentine’s Day 2020!

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