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Live 101.5 Jingle Bash 2019 Review!

Live 101.5 Jingle Bash 2019 Review!


Live 101.5, a pop music station in Phoenix, Arizona, recently hosted their annual Jingle Bash concert! This year’s performers were singer Bryce Vine, DJ duo Loud Luxury, and band Why Don’t We. With the three performers of completely different genres, the night was filled with variety.

Bryce Vine

First to hype up the crowd was hip-hop artist Bryce Vine. Playing his hits like “Drew Barrymore” and “Sour Patch Kids, ” Vine took control of the crowd and showed a commanding stage presence. He sounded incredible, possibly better than the studio recordings! Not only did he get the crowd dancing, but his band did a fantastic job as well. DJ and musician Lucky Dave was incredible on the trumpet, while guitarist Alex Williams showed off his skills by playing behind his head. Drummer Tosh Peterson also had an electric solo towards the end of the set. Bryce Vine did an amazing job as the first act, getting the crowd excited for what was to come.

Loud Luxury

The dynamic DJ duo Loud Luxury took the stage next. With the advantage of being able to play many radio hits, they got the crowd singing. However, they made each one their own, adding a signature twist that made it exciting. An impressive screen on the front of their setup showcased different designs that added a visual effect. They also performed their hit “I’m Not Alright,” bringing out the collaborator on the track who happened to be Bryce Vine! The cameo made for an interactive crowd moment and was definitely the highlight of their set. They were the perfect middle performer: getting people singing and fully ready to see the headliners.

Why Don’t We

Last but not least, the lovely members of Why Don’t We (Zach Herron, Jack Avery, Jonah Marais, Daniel Seavey, and Corbyn Besson) arrived on stage, much to the crowd’s delight. Their names were chanted before they finally opened with their hit “Trust Fund Baby”! To say the crowd was excited would be an understatement. Most everyone knew every single word and was obviously ready to have a good time.

The boys played an invigorating set. They played slower, more emotional ballads but also dance-type pop with fun melodies and catchy hooks. Many songs were memorable, for example, “Come to Brazil,” which matched its rhythmic baseline to a screen the projected the colors blue, green, and yellow (the colors of the Brazilian flag). The song got the crowd screaming, and the band even ad-libbed a bit, throwing in some harmonies and riffs that were not featured in the original song. The performance of hit “8 Letters” featured riveting vocal moments from each member, showcasing their talent live.

The band even brought something extra special to the live performance: their signature “mash-ups” (taking their favorite songs and mixing the beats and lyrics so that they flow together). This segment was a unique addition to their set that showed off their impressive ability to blend their voices. The group closed with their new release “What Am I?,” with each member grabbing an instrument (piano, guitar, or cello). The song was a beautiful closer, bringing a sentimental end to an overall wonderful night.

Live 101.5 did an impeccable job with this year’s Jingle Bash. Whether it be the lineup of talented performers or the fun bits that kept the crowd going between acts, they made the concert a fun, interactive experience for all ages. 

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