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Vanessa Carlton Won’t Walk A Thousand Miles For Future Pain

Vanessa Carlton Won’t Walk A Thousand Miles For Future Pain

Vanessa Carlton is back! She released a beautiful song called ‘Future Pain’ and we really couldn’t be happier. Overall the song is about repeating a pattern with the same unhappy ending, but you keep going through it because you find comfort in it.

The video for ‘Future Pain’ is set in an empty bar. In the beginning, Vanessa is walking in and joins two different versions of herself. This is supposed to display how she is a changing person. But, she keeps falling into this unchanging tradition of having a drink alone at the bar.

Vanessa Carlton
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The video takes place in the past. While Vanessa is checking her flip phone, you can see the old interior of the bar. In the song, Vanessa is paying homage to her past mistakes. Meanwhile she is also foreshadowing a familiar future.

It’s really easy to relate with ‘Future Pain.’ I mean who of us hasn’t thought about getting back with their ex? (Even though we know that it won’t be a good idea.)

I’ve got nothing to lose and nothing to gain but future pain

All in all, we can just advise you to get behind Vanessa Carlton. She is reinventing herself and you really don’t want to miss it.

You can buy or stream the song here

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‘Future Pain’ is from Vanessa’s upcoming album ‘Love Is An Art’ which will be released in Spring 2020. And honestly? We can’t wait to hear it.

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