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A Decade in Review: Most Memorable Moments in Music

A Decade in Review: Most Memorable Moments in Music

The Honey POP is back with another installment of ‘A Decade in Review” and this time we’re looking back on the most memorable moment in music. From the highs like the formation of One Direction and the rise of KPOP. To the lows like One Direction’s hiatus and Ariana Grande Manchester bombing. The Honey POP’s ‘A Decade in Review:’ Most Memorable Moments in Music has it all.

Sit back and get ready to go “OMG that happened 10 years ago.”

One Direction is Born (2010)

Image Source: The Times.

We can’t believe One Direction formed 10 years ago but they did! On July 23, 2010, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, and Zayn Malik were all saved from being cut when Simon Cowell decided they would be better suited as a 5 piece group.

After that One Direction quickly became a hit around the world as fans gathered around their televisions and laptops to watch One Direction compete on the X-Factor.

As I’m sure you know by now, One Direction did not win but that didn’t stop them from dominating Pop Music charts worldwide and cultivating a fanbase that numbered in the millions.

One Direction did a lot of things over the course of the decade but none of it would have been possible without the X-Factor which is why this is The Honey POP’s favorite music moment from 2010.

Spotify Lands in the US (2011)

Image Source: Spotify.

Though the music website/app had been around since 2008, it didn’t make it to the United States until 2011. It was worth the wait for fans who flocked to the app eager to stream their favorite songs, make playlists, and not have to wonder where to store all their favorite CDS.

Unfortunately, the music industry wasn’t as thrilled with the website as fans were since it took away some of their profit. And artists were the ones who really suffered here since the age of streaming music has lead to less physical sals and thus, less money for our favorite artists.

Despite all the negatives, Spotify has continued to grow and succeed which is why it’s on our ‘A Decade in Review:” most memorable moments in music list.

“Gangnam Style” Goes Viral (2012)

There’s no denying that “Gangnam Style” was one of the most played songs in 2012. You couldn’t go anywhere without seeing people dance to the popular song. “Gangnam Style” was so popular it became the first-ever YouTube view to reach 1 billion views! The song also became a Top 10 hit in South Korea, Mexico, Ireland, Belgium, Lebanon, Israel, Russia, and the US. That’s a lot of countries!

Not only was the song a major success, but it also helped ease the United States music industry and the public into the world of K-Pop which would shortly come to dominate the music charts everywhere.

Beyonce Surprises Fans with a New Album (2013)

Image Source: Still Crew.

Imagine, you’re sitting in bed listening to music while scrolling through your Instagram feed when you come across a post by Beyonce. You expect it to be another vegan meal or picture of her daughter Blue Ivy but oh, are you wrong! On December 13th Beyonce shocked her fans and the world when she dropped her “visual album” “Beyonce” on iTunes with no press or prior hint of the album.

Fans flocked to iTunes to download and listen to the album. In fact, her fans were so ready for new music Billboard reported that 80,000 copies were downloaded in the first three hours of the release! Yep, Queen Beyonce had done it again! Unsurprisingly, the album became her 5th consecutive number-one album on the Billboards Chart.

Not only did the album break all kinds of records but it’s also the reason we have some of the best Beyonce songs of all time.

Shawn Mendes Wins Our Hearts (2014)

2014 was an unbelievable year for Shawn Mendes.

At the start of the year, he was busy posting covers on the once-popular app Vine and by May he was officially signed to Island Records. Talk about a successful 5 months!

Shawn went on to release the hit song “Life of the Party” and his first EP in July. What’s even more impressive is he became the youngest to debut in the top 25 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

We couldn’t imagine a world without Shawn Mendes so we sure are glad he made good use of Vine!

‘Hamilton: An American Musical’ Makes Musicals Cool (2015)

Image Source: Broadway in Chicago.

2015 had a lot going on musically but one of The Honey POP’s most memorable moments was the debut of the Broadway musical Hamilton.

Lin Manuel Miranda is no stranger to Broadway but he saw his greatest success when Hamilton won over even the Broadway naysayers. Not only did he have people flocking to the theatre, but he also had millions of people rapping along to songs about history. We didn’t even know that could be a thing! But it is!

Hamilton‘s success landed Lin Manuel Miranda several Tony Awards in 2016 as well as a Grammy Award and the Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

The inner theater kid in all of us can’t thank Hamilton enough for making show tunes cool for once!

One Direction Announces Their Hiatus (2016)

Image Source: Pinterest.

Nights really do change fast.

We hate that this is on our ‘A Decade in Review:’ Most Memorable Moments in Music list but we all have to agree that One Direction announcing their hiatus was a memorable moment in music. I’m sure everyone remembers where they were when the news broke that One Direction was going on an indefinite hiatus.

To be honest, the hiatus didn’t feel real until the summer months rolled around and there wasn’t a One Direction tour on our calendars. How were we supposed to”Live While We’re Young” if we couldn’t do it with One Direction?

Thankfully, we’ve kept going and so have the boys. Despite the hiatus lasting longer than the promised 18 months, the former One Direction members have continued to write bops and provide us with memories to last a lifetime.

Despite the bad news, 2016 gave us our first glimpse of what was to come for Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson in this post-1D world.

Ariana Grande Turns to Music to Heal (2017)

Image Source: Wikipedia.

There’s no denying that 2017 was a hard year for pop singer Ariana Grande.

In May the singer’s concert in Manchester came to an alarming end when a bomb exploded near the arena leaving 22 Arianators dead and hundreds injured. It was a tragic event that stunned the world when the news broke.

No one would have blamed Ariana if she had chosen to take some time off or even quit music altogether. Thankfully, the thought didn’t even cross her mind. On June 4th, just two weeks after the bombing, Ariana returned to Manchester for One Love Manchester, a benefit concert she organized with some of her artist friends to give back to the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund, which was created by the British Red Cross and the Manchester City Council after the bombing.

The benefit concert was a success and the British Red Cross reported that it brought in £10 million in donations. More than that though, it reminded fans everywhere that music has the power to heal.

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BTS Finds Success Worldwide (2017)

Image Source: Soompi.

We know we’re only supposed to have one memorable moment from each year but we couldn’t help it this time! Besides, we had to include BTS on the list somewhere and 2017 is the best year to mention them!

The K-Pop band kicked off the U.S. leg of their 2017 BTS Live Trilogy Episode III: The Wings Tour in March. The band was nominated for the Top Social Artist award at the Billboard Music Awards. Their nomination earned them an invitation to the ceremony which was a historical moment since a K-Pop boy band to attend the awards. BTS broke even more records when they won the social artist award making it the first time a K-Pop band as ever won a BBMA!

The records just keep coming! In September, BTS became the first Korean act to break into the top 10 of the Billboard 200 charts. The boys also performed their hit song “DNA” at the American Music Awards.  Earned the number 10 spot of the Billboard Year-End Artists of the Year chart. And they ended their crazy year off by performing on the New Year’s Rockin’ Eve telecast.

2017 was a crazy year for BTS which is why we had to include it on our Most Memorable Moments in Music list.

5SOS Releases their Comeback Album (2018)

Image Source: Daily Mail.

After completing two world tours and releasing two full-length albums, 5 Seconds of Summer decided to take a much-needed break. On June 22nd, 5SOS released their highly anticipated third album “Youngblood

“Youngblood” quickly became a fan favorite and even earned the band some major radio play letting them continue their dream of bringing real guitars to mainstream radio. The album also landed them their third consecutive number one album in Australia and the United States.

Even though the two years without 5SOS was brutal, we sure are happy the boys got the rest they needed. We’d be happy to do it all over again if it meant we get another amazing album like “Youngblood!”

Jonas Brothers Reunite (2019)

Image Source: lntvglobal.

The Jonas Brothers shocked the world when they announced their breakup in October 2013. After all, who would have thought a band of literal brothers would ever break up. Rumors circulated for years about a possible reunion but then the band made it official in February 2019 and fans went wild.

The brothers came back in a BIG way releasing their debut single “Sucker” along with a music video that featured the boy’s wives. The song landed the band’s first number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 list. In addition, the boys booked a week-long residency on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

The Jonas Brother celebration didn’t end there though! The boys made up for their 6-year absence by releasing a documentary about their past, announcing their 5th (or 6th if you count the unreleased V album) studio album Happiness Begins, and announced a world tour to promote the album.

2019 definitely became the year of the Jonas Brothers and reminded us that we’re all still suckers for them.

And that concludes The Honey POP’s ‘A Decade in Review:’ Most Memorable Moments in Music list. Tune in next time when A Decade in Review’ looks back at the most memorable moments in movies over the last decade!

What was your favorite music moment of the decade? Did we leave something off our ‘A Decade in Review:’ Most Memorable Moments in Music list we shouldn’t have? Do you have an idea for a topic ‘A Decade in Review’ should look back on? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

Want to relieve more moments of the last decade? Check out our other ‘A Decade in Review‘ pieces.

Featured Image Source: The Honey POP

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