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Sweet Releases You Can’t Miss Out On!

Sweet Releases You Can’t Miss Out On!

There is so many sweet bops being released at the moment. And we’re back at it again to let you know about some amazing tracks that we cannot get enough of!

Rough week? We’ve got you covered with some new favourites!. These Sweet Releases will have you saying goodbye to that weekday stress, and hello to those feel-good vibes. You can thank us later.

So, throw on a face mask and jam out to these killer new tunes. Sweet Releases: that’s what I like to call self-care.

Nicole Millar — ‘Favours’

Nicole Millar brings one heck of a bop to us with ‘Favours.’ This pop track serves sweet sass and sultry vibes and we’re living for it!

“I had a bit of a rough year with a lot of changes,” she says. “‘Favours’ is a song about how I’ve got no praise, or money left for this person.” It was only natural to navigate towards those she trusted, recruiting past collaborators Muki and Kilter to bring her message to life.

The song also sees Millar embrace a darker, more mature edge which fans have yet to be see. “I’ve been calling my music smooth, dark chocolate with hints of mint,” she laughs. And we couldn’t agree more!

iLL Wayno Feat. Holla FyeSixWun — ‘Eyes, Lip, Face’

You may have already heard this track. iLL Wayno as well as featured artist Holla FyeSixWun have partnered with the amazing makeup brand ‘Elf Cosmetics.’ And with this track, they went TikTok viral. ‘Eyes, Lip, Face’ is hella catchy and the perfect dance floor track!

You can stream the track here, sweet right!?

Calloway Circus — ‘Gray’

We have added ‘Gray’ by Calloway Circus to our sweet sweet releases this week because it is quite possibly one of our favorite songs at the moment. And with the album Entropy announced for release February 14th, 2020 ,we cannot wait to hear what else they have in store for us!

‘Gray’ is a powerful ,emotive song with a message, and it is truly an amazing fulfilling listen. We’re in love!

Moby Rich — ‘Loser’ Broods Remix

Our ears are blessed with this incredible remix of ‘Loser’ from Broods. The original recording from Moby Rich slaps, but this takes the song to a whole new level! Speaking about the track Moby says, “Ever since we toured with Broods, we’ve wanted to do something with them, and the perfect opportunity came when they said they were down to remix our song ‘Loser.’ They have such amazing musical sensibility, and they totally re-imagined the song in a way we would have never thought to do. We can’t wait for everyone to hear it!”

Caleb of Broods adds, “We’re big fans of these Moby Rich boys. Fell in love with their first single ‘Yoko Ono’ last year and asked them to open up for us on a tour of Australia this year. We got to know them and the rest of their music pretty well, so when they asked us if we would want to remix their new single ‘Loser,’ we, of course, jumped at the chance.”

SKYND — ‘Katherine Knight’

SKYND has released the accompanying video for their track ‘Katherine Knight.’ It’s not for the faint-hearted in its darkness, but its complexity makes it beautifully intriguing — especially if you focus and listen to the words!

“Katherine Knight” is inspired by the story of the infamous Australian murderer who is still serving a life sentence in jail. “We were searching for a theme. And I thought, ‘Why don’t we just write a kind of twisted love song?'” explains singer Skynd. “Katherine Knight wasn’t able to feel true empathy and true love; that’s why I wanted to write a love song about her. If you have love and hate and you put them together, they cancel each other out so you can’t feel anything, and that is what I am saying in the lyrics.”

She continues, “I wanted to come up with a love song that is actually not a love song. Because she wasn’t able to feel that as a psychopath. I had her story in my diary since I was 14 — she was one of the reasons that I went to Australia because I wanted to have an interview with her, but that was just impossible. She never really talked about the whole crime, she never told anyone what was her trigger, why she killed her husband and cooked him into stew.”

MOBS — ‘Find Another You’

Serving serious movie vibes MOBS have created something so special with ‘Find Another You’ so if you’re looking for that song this week — you know the one. The one you keep on repeat and mumble “ME” under your breath to all week long — this is it. This is that song.

“‘Find Another You’ is about the movie She’s All That,” explains vocalist Jordan Clarey. “Instead of being about a jerk turning a geeky girl into a popular girl, our song is about that jerk getting hurt and doing whatever he can to get over the fact that he’s vulnerable and just wants to be happy. This was a fun sidestep from the theme of writing about movies as this was us creating our own story inside of the movie”.

Its fun, fresh and catchy as hell! Check it out you will NOT be disappointed!

Laura Cox — ‘Freaking Out Loud’

Laura Cox has dropped the video for the song from the sophomore album Burn Bright called ‘Freaking Out Loud’ and to be honest we’re freaking out about how much we love it! The video is simply pure entertainment including vampires and zombies on an airplane, as well as Cox knuckling down on her axe on an airstrip and while in the aisles of the aircraft. You need to see it to believe it and will hopefully love it as much as we do!

Pink Elefants — ‘Maryland’

Pink Elefants have something sweet with the track ‘Maryland’ and we needed to share that with you. The old skool hip hop elements and pop vibes paired with the lyrics and video create something we can only marvel in awe at.

Talking about the song the trio say “There ain’t no place like home, even when it doesn’t feel like it at times. As a child you may envision your future somewhere you believe to be greater. All three of us have those regrets of sticking in one place. Not to mention our previous fan base was bigger in LA than it was in our own hometown. It’s time for that hometown love… But is there any?” I am sure there is love there, but guys we have plenty of love for you too!

AZRA — ‘Right Here’

AZRA has us all feeling emotional and strong with the new version of her song ‘Right Here’ which features an orchestra arranged by award-winning composer and producer, Daniel Figueiredo! It’s a beautiful piano ballad and it’s made even more moving with the orchestra, singing about how she’ll be ‘Right Here’ no matter what happens.

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AZRA spoke about how she and Daniel got to work together, “Daniel and I met at a private industry event earlier this year and we immediately connected talking about music. He actually gave me a copy of his latest music in CD form, which I listened to in my car on the way back home. Next thing you know, we’re in the studio working on the song together. He loved the original and also knew about my love for classical music so it just worked out.”

It did work out, and we’re so glad it did!

Circa Waves — ‘Jacqueline’

Circa Waves just keep impressing us! Their new video for new song, ‘Jacqueline’ pulled us in.

It starts out as a pool party, a girl can’t keep her eyes off a guy. They’re dancing in a conga line to the song while the band plays — and the song actually feels like it belongs for a conga line with its beat. The guy falls into the pool and ‘Jacqueline’ pulls him out of the water, then together they go into the house and into a room.

The music in the video stops as the band pauses. The room has a door that has a green glow, and when they open it, the conga line with the band included comes out! They chase the girl and the guy until the guy joins the conga line, then the girl is left running from them alone. The video ends there, making me want to go back and see if I missed anything. Then I’ll end up watching the video a few times while listening to Circa Waves’ new song, that’s a rock song with pop vibes. Now, if you need me, I’ll be in a conga line listening to this song.

Allan Rayman — ‘6am’

Allan Rayman is here with a brand new, alternative rock song ‘6 am!’ Just listening to the song you can feel the drums and the bass, and we can expect songs similar to this one soon, as it is just a taste of his forthcoming album Christian!

He shot the music video in California and it takes place in a desert, so maybe we’ll see some type of desert vibes at his concerts coming up? This new song reminds us of an earlier Allan Rayman circa ‘Hotel Allan,’ and if his new album is anything like this song, I’m sure it’ll be a hit!

Well, there you have it! We’ve compiled your newest playlist of your favorite songs and maybe some new big hits! Again, you can totally thank us later. You don’t have to take the face mask off just yet, but you do need to get these all added to your playlist pronto.

What do you think of these Sweet Releases? Do you have a song you think should be added to our list? Check out past installments hereThen let us know what you thought of them down in the comments, ortweet us @TheHoneyPop!

Featured Image Source: Created By Bilge Zeynep

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