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Bands That Owned The Decade!

Bands That Owned The Decade!

We are back at it again, letting you know our top picks for bands that owned the decade! So many bands are close and dear to our hearts here at THP. These picks are our faves and why we love them so much and we hope you agree!

These picks are in no order of preference, we feel that these bands have all equally brought something to this decade that we will remember. We hope you feel the same!


BLACKPINK are the highest charting female K-POP group of all time and its easy to see and hear why! With incredibly catchy fresh songs such as ‘Kill This Love’ & ‘Whistle,’ we could go on and on. But, what is clear is that even though they came on scene later in the decade, they have made a huge impact. And have a pretty large place in our hearts. We only expect to see BLACKPINK’s rise go higher and higher as we sail into to 2020s!

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Jonas Brothers

Whether you have been a fan since way back when, or you’re new to their music the JoBros have definitely made their mark on this decade. If you’re like me, who has been around since the days of them singing with Demi in Disney’s Camp Rock, then you can safely say you have grown up with them! Then they returned to the scene with the likes of ‘Cool’ & ‘Sucker,’ and took us on one hell of a ‘Rollercoaster with new music and a world tour. These guys look like they may just own the next decade too!

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5 Seconds Of Summer

Forming in 2011, and being a HUGE part of our hearts ever since, it will be no surprise to you to see 5SOS here. Not only do we stan, the stats speak for themselves, with their first three albums debuting at No.1 in the US charts, worldwide success, insane memorable tours and songs that are dear to our hearts. 5SOS have grown with us, and will continue to do so in the new decade ahead of us! We’re all set and tickets bought for the ‘No Shame’ UK/Euro Tour in 2020, and maybe we will see some of y’all there!

What 5SOS era are you?

One Direction

From 2010 to 2016, this band had a MASSIVE impact and even in their respective solo careers are still killing it. The hiatus broke our hearts and we still live for the day of a reunion. Whether it happens or not though we can safely establish that 1D owned this decade and they owned us too.

From their early days on the X Factor through to world domination all the way to present day, 1D will always be in our hearts and we shall eternally stan!

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Little Mix

Another band that came from the X Factor, these women have been role models and an inspiration to a generation. From their early days with songs like ‘Change Your Life’ and ‘Little Me’ through to today with songs like ‘Woman Like Me,’ ‘Strip,’ and the undeniably sassy ‘Wasabi,’ we stan strong confident queens who are not afraid to stand up for what they believe and inspire others.

2020 is set to be bright for them also with a new TV show and continuing to tour. And, we will be there to see you on tour friends, you can count on it!

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Panic! At The Disco

Brendon & Co owned the noughties era but they didn’t slow down in this decade either. With their songs just getting better and better, Panic just seem to keep improving with age like a fine wine. We don’t think the next decade will be any different either. Everything P!ATD touches seems to turn to gold and we love them so much! From ‘Writing Sins Not Tragedies’ to having ‘High Hopes,’ we always want this band around!

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BTS have definitely made a huge mark on the music industry in recent history and show no signs of slowing down. Undeniably, BTS is one of the biggest bands to hit the music scene in some time. Scoring awards, high chart rankings, views and streams, this band smashes every record that comes their way.

With their catchy songs, incredible choreography on top of the cuteness and THOSE vocals, we couldn’t stan any harder if we tried. Love doesn’t seem like a big enough word but gosh we LOVE this band.

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Twenty Øne Pilots

From ‘Blurryface’ to ‘Chlorine’ and, to be quite honest, their entire discography, this would not be a decade review without including TØP.

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From their powerful emotive music and storytelling videos, all the way through to seeing them live on tour, this band own our hearts and our wallets. If you haven’t seen them live, you’re missing out ,and when you do, you will never want to miss one of their shows ever again!

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The 1975

The 1975 are arguably one of the biggest bands in the world right now, and have been firm faves of ours since they stepped out onto the music scene.

Whether you have only just started listening, or been there since the beginning we stan the diverse musicality and reinvention that this band seem to be able to do effortlessly. And we also can’t wait to seem them on tour again next year! They may have began in this decade but they will only continue to grow in their popularity in the decade ahead of us!

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Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons are a band that speak to you. Through songs such as ‘Demons’ & ‘Radioactive,’ all the way through to the present, this is a band who are not afraid to speak about their feelings.

While you may be surprised to see them in this line up, they have made a significant stamp and presence on the industry. With mind-blowing music which has received millions of views and streams and are one of the few bands that should be on your tour bucket list!

So, did you like our choices for bands that owned the decade? Did we miss your fave and if so who are they and who would you like to hear more about? Drop us a comment below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop we would LOVE to hear from you!

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