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Of Monsters And Men Release Funky Animated Video for ‘Wars’

Of Monsters And Men Release Funky Animated Video for ‘Wars’

Of Monsters And Men, our favorite Icelandic indie band, just released a music video for the catchy single ‘Wars’. The album name of ‘Fever Dream’ is truly coming to fruition. And we’re so here for it!

“The visuals for our album ‘Fever Dream’ are inspired by otherworldly, dreamy, horror-esque themes,” said the band. “For the ‘Wars’ video, we wanted to continually build on those themes while also keeping it carefree and fun. Making an animated video felt like the perfect way to go. We reunited with the amazing and creative duo WeWereMonkeys, who we’ve collaborated in the past with on videos for ‘Little Talks’ and ‘King and Lionheart’. ‘Wars’ is about the ‘war’ between your conscious and your subconscious, and the video captures what it’s like to be pulled between those two worlds.”

We already loved this groovy song, but the music video takes the song to a new level. It enhances the juxtaposition of the song’s sad lyrics but feel-good sound. The bright colors and fun animation downplay the dark undertones of the video. Simply put, it’s truly a work of art that definitely deserves a watch.

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