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Taylor Swift’s Billboard Interview — Some Sweet Tea on the Pop Industry

Taylor Swift’s Billboard Interview — Some Sweet Tea on the Pop Industry

Taylor Swift’s Billboard interview is giving us even more of a reason to stan her, as if her catchy songs, relatable lyrics, and bubbly personality weren’t enough! The American Music Awards crowned Taylor Swift as the Artist of the Decade for her achievements in music, which is an award she was well deserving of. In addition to her music, her off-stage personality only adds to her achievements, making her even more deserving of the title. In the recent interview, Taylor had some kindhearted words to say about the pop community.

Let’s just say she had some sweet tea to spill.

Taylor mentions how the country music community had a very different vibe from the pop community when she transitioned over. According to her, there wasn’t really much of a community to begin with. “It was very much you versus you versus you,” she said of her early days in the pop scene.

It seems that the community in pop music has since grown, especially among the women in pop according to Taylor. She goes on to say that now the “girls in pop” all have each other’s numbers and reach out to each other when needed. We can only imagine what the group chats look like. If we could have Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande hyping us up in our squad chats we’d be set for life.

So, according to Taylor Swift's Billboard Interview, all the "girls in pop" have each other's numbers. Does this mean a group chat with these two exists?
Image Source: ET Online

Taylor Swift’s Billboard interview seems sweet as honey to us. It’s nice to see female artists in the pop industry being so supportive of one another. Now, if only they could text each other about a collab!!

So, what do you think of Taylor’s interview? Which of the “girls in pop” would you want to text? Let us know in the comments or by tweeting us @thehoneypop.

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