QUIZ: Take Harry Styles on a Date and We’ll Tell You Which Song From ‘Fine Line’ He Dedicates to You on Tour!

QUIZ: Take Harry Styles on a Date and We’ll Tell You Which Song From ‘Fine Line’ He Dedicates to You on Tour!

It’s here! It’s finally here! Harry Styles‘ highly anticipated sophomore album ‘Fine Line’ has arrived and we cannot get enough of it.

Harry Styles
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The entire thing is a masterpiece, oozing with old skool vibes from the likes of Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles, and Pink Floyd, which really sums up H’s musical taste to a tee and is a perfect album to play with your parents or grandparents and bond over the beauty of musical ages and genres.

The album has been a defining point for Harry in finding out who he is and being comfortable with it, all while creating one incredible breakup record that will take you on a pure rollercoaster of feelings and emotions.

To celebrate the certified bop of an album, we’ve created this quiz! It’s quite simple really, all you have to do is take the Harry Styles on a date and we’ll let you know which iconic track from ‘Fine Line’ he’ll dedicate to you on his ‘Love on Tour’ setlist. Just make sure you impress him, yeah?

So, which banger of a song has Harry decided to dedicate to you on his tour? Are you loving the album? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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