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Sweet Releases – Sweet Treats

Sweet Releases – Sweet Treats

Rough week? We’ve got you covered with some new favourites!. These Sweet Releases will have you saying goodbye to that weekday stress, and hello to those feel-good vibes. Sweet! You can thank us later.

So, throw on a face mask and jam out to these killer new tunes. Sweet Releases: that’s what I like to call self-care.

Eliza & The Delusionals — Just Exist

They may be from down under, but there is no denying they are on the up and up. Australian Indie rockers Eliza & The Delusions have recently released their U.S. debut single ‘Just Exist’ and it’s already turning heads—ours included. Front woman Eliza Klatt’s dreamy vocals hit like classic Paramore but with a little more soul and longing. With a slow-starting melody that climbs into an all-out anthem, this is the kind of song you want to put on blast in the car and belt loudly in the shower.

Magdalena Bay — Oh Hell

If you’ve never listened to Magdalena Bay before, let ‘Oh Hell’ be your introduction. The song has the distinct indie pop vibe that Magdalena Bay is known for, tied with some solid vocals and pretty melancholic lyrics. If this type of song is your thing, ‘Oh Hell’ is definitely worth a listen. Let’s just say that if you’ve ever fallen so deeply in love with someone that you lost yourself, you’ll probably find this song very relatable. Go give it a listen!

Dreamer Boy — ‘Puppy Dog’

You’re going to want to give some puppy love to Dreamer Boy’s new single ‘Puppy Dog.’ The chill vibe of this song fits the lighthearted but wistful lyrics, of Dreamer Boy wishing that the person he has his eye on would see him the same way. If you’ve ever found yourself making puppy dog eyes at your crush, this might just be your new theme song. Give it a listen.

Beccs — ‘Before This Christmas Ends’

A delicate and pure Christmas track, ‘Before Christmas Ends’ has a festive vibe and also has us in our feels. Beccs speaks candidly of her ambition to show a new less romantic twist to Christmas music, after feeling very disheartened by the perfect fairy-tale holidays that are usually portrayed. This is a unique Christmas song, with an interesting twist. You won’t want to miss it!

Chianne — ‘Chandelier Cover’

Chianne puts her own spin on Sia’s ‘Chandelier’ in her acoustic interpretation with flawless vocals and a blissful instrumental. It’s always enjoyable to hear a cover where the artist gives a bit of themselves to the song and Chianne does this effortlessly.

The Coolies — ‘Uh Oh’ EP

The Coolies who featured the late Kim Shattuck have created this EP with proceeds going to ALS research(With a total so far of $15,000). If you’re a punk lover this EP will not disappoint. Touchingly, some of the demos used in these tracks were some of her last recordings.

Sadly Kim passed away on October 2. This was due to complications from ALS. However, following her diagnosis, The Coolies became Kim’s passion project and provided a creative outlet for her. Without disclosing that she was suffering from ALS, Kim continued to answer interview questions about The Coolies’ project and remained committed to spreading awareness about disease up until the end. Continuing to raise awareness about the disease brought her an immense amount of happiness. All during a time when she was fighting her own personal battle.

You can stream or purchase the EP here.

Griff — ‘Eternal Flame’ Cover

Another treat for our ears today comes from GRIFF, the up-and-coming British pop star whose name you need to remember! Today she surprised us with a cover of The Bangles’ 80’s classic ‘Eternal Flame’. Adding strings to the track underneath her stunning velvety vocals, GRIFF gives the famous song a whole new lease of life, introducing it to the modern world.
If this track has you hooked on her voice, then you can check her stunning EP ‘The Mirror Talk’ which just dropped last month and is perfect listening material on your commutes, doing your cleaning and everything in between

The Warriors — ‘The Painful Truth’

Hardcore band The Warriors captivate us with this powerful raw track ‘The Painful Truth’ a truly angst filled emotional track that metal hardcore fans will adore. Speaking of the track the band say “‘The Painful Truth’ was the first song written and recorded for Monomyth. We wanted to throw all convention out the window and push the boundaries of our creativity in every respect, while still honoring the ‘old’ Warriors sound. In a sense, this song was the foundation upon which the rest of the album was built.” And we have to agree. Although this may be a little different from what you expect from The Warriors. It still contains everything you loved about them before, just with some added extras.

Lil Xtra — ‘Under The Weather’

Lil Xtra has our minds blown with this track ‘Under The Weather’ the vocals and rap are perfection. The lyrics are relatable and moving and the melody is blissful and pretty. Check this out when you want to get in your feels and unwind at the same time!

Red City Radio — ‘Love Is A Liar’

Red City Radio have released a live video version of ‘Love A Liar’ an incredibly awesome rock track that packs a punch with its catchy chorus and brilliant lyrical verses.

Speaking about the track the band say “We all bring baggage into relationships, whether they’re romantic in nature or otherwise. We all have that underlying feeling, that ‘”I’m not enough’ or ‘I’m no good’, that shapes our interactions with other humans. This song really embodies the idea that while we all feel inadequate, while we’re all imperfect, we’re just going to love our way through this and it’s all going to be OK”

Sometimes we need to hear that, thank you Red City Radio!

Paper Jackets — ‘This Christmas’

Get in the Christmas spirit with Paper Jackets. ‘This Christmas’ is an alternative and fun Christmas song you definitely don’t want to miss. Speaking of the track the band frontman James Mason says, “Christmas music is hit or miss for most people but it when it’s on, it feels right and you know it. The whole season including New Year takes on its own personality separate from reality. It’s romantic, it’s wonderful, it’s magical and it’s pretty much what we are already looking for in our music. We spend all year writing about heartbreak and healing so it’s nice to get our jingles out with a good Christmas tune. The themes are timeless like a little black dress. We hope people will pull it out from time to time and enjoy.” So get this track playing, get your Crimbo jumper on, and dance and sing along!

See Also

Sleep House — ‘Pano-319’

Sleep House delivers a banger of a tune with ‘Pano-319.’ With a slow build, this song has words you may resonate with. The awesome guitar throughout singularly owns our eardrums — we’re in love and we want more!

Emerson Heart — ‘32,000 Days’

We just became fans! Usually, it takes us a couple of listens to warm up to a song but we liked this one as soon as the first few seconds of the song started playing! We were able to connect with both the soft, yet steady beat and the lyrics of this piece. Definitely a must-add to our playlist.

Chadwick Stokes & The Pintos – ‘Self Titled Album’

Chadwick and the Stokes latest self-titled album captures the gritty music stylings believed to be long since lost and combined it with a modern sound. Fast paced finger picking and passionate vocals, Chadwick and Stokes resembles Irish folk songs in sound and magical lyrical storytelling that deserves an award. ‘Chaska’ had me dancing all over the living room, head banging while cooking up breakfast. A good old awakening in these wee hours of the morning. A groggy fog that grows into a positive outbreak of energy. Passion, heart, and artistic chemistry not matched in years. Chadwick and the Stokes created hits.

Bad Bees – ‘It’s All New’

The Bad Bees deliver alt-rock perfection with ‘It’s All New’ and we’re thriving . The display of bright vocals, catchy lyrics and incredible riffs is something special. We didn’t know we needed this till we heard it and now we want more!

30 — ‘Met Too Young’

If EDM is your vibe, 30 is here to feed your ears with this bop. Dance floor beats, pop synths with smooth rhythms and transitions get you in the party mood. Added together with relatable lyrics makes this track an instant fave!

Well, there you have it! We’ve compiled your newest playlist of your favorite songs and maybe some new big hits! Again, you can totally thank us later.

What do you think of these Sweet Releases? Do you have a sweet song you think should be added to our list? Check out past installments here. Then let us know what you thought of them down in the comments, or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

Featured Image Source: Bilge Zeynep

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