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‘Here Comes A Feeling’ From Louis The Child…

‘Here Comes A Feeling’ From Louis The Child…

Louis The Child alongside Naomi Wild & Couros are back with a chilled out banger to bless your ears. ‘Here Comes A Feeling’ as a track is a whole MOOD. We don’t mind saying though its a mood we prefer to be in!

Lyrically the song is incredibly catchy, the vocals are faultless and the track itself has a very fun vibe while also being a song you could chill to. This track could easily sit within a multitude of genres and has something for everyone!

Louis The Child are redefining and evolving in this new era of theirs and are pushing boundaries within the dance genre. With its expansive palette and experimental sound design, the track hints at the major cultural shifts in store for the duo in 2020.

Speaking of the song’s creation Louis The Child say “We started this beat with Couros on a day off in London. We had never met before but ended up staying at the studio until 6am working on this and a few other beats. When we left the studio we were super happy with what we made, it felt experimental and like controlled chaos. When we got back to LA we hopped in the studio with Naomi Wild and Blaise Railey. We played them that beat and they immediately wanted to write something to it. It’s one of our favorite productions we’ve ever made, and one of our favorite songs we’ve made too. We hope you feel the same”

We do guys we definitely do!


You can stream this bop on all major platforms here!

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