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5 Reasons Why … You Should Stan BTS

5 Reasons Why … You Should Stan BTS

If you’re someone who’s on Twitter — especially stan Twitter — you’ll definitely know about BTS. If you’re yet to become a fan and wondering just what all the hype is about, allow us to help you. Here’s 5 reasons to stan BTS …

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1. Their music speaks to fans on a personal level

BTS may have the looks of models and voices of angels, but they also write some of the most beautiful and relatable lyrics. While they evolve and grow as artists, this is something that’s always stuck with them. From empowering songs such as ’21st Century Girl’ and ‘Answer: Love Myself’ to the songs which relate to the youth of today like ‘Dope’ and ‘N.O,’ there are so many songs full of powerful messages that ARMYs can connect to and it’s truly beautiful.

2. They have charitable hearts

We think it’s super important for successful artists to give back and BTS take that to another level. One standout thing BTS has done is partner with UNICEF’s Korean committee to sponsor the global campaign ‘#ENDViolence‘ which is aimed at ensuring children and teens in the world lead safe and healthy lives without the fear of violence. That’s when BTS created their own campaign ‘LOVE MYSELF’, which pursues love and a better place to live for all. The fact they’re putting so much time and effort into this campaign even with such a hectic life schedule is highly applaud-able and truly admirable. No wonder ARMYs look up to them!

3. They made waves in the western world for KPOP

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It’s this past decade that KPOP started to become a revolutionary genre that’s truly making an impact across the world of music and it has to be said, BTS have played a major part in that. They’ve held and broken Guinness World Records including ‘Most viewed YouTube video in 24 hours,’ and back in April, they became only the third group in 50 years to have three number-one albums on the Billboard 200 charts in less than 12 months, joining The Beatles and The Monkees. They also became the first group in Billboard history to spend five weeks at number one on the Billboard Artist 100 Chart. Note how it’s not just KPOP records they’re setting and breaking, but against all genres. Iconic.

4. They’re still goofy boys with no egos, despite their level of fame

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To any local or generic music fan, BTS are a big name and with the kind of fame they’ve reached, it can often go to people’s heads. But our Bangtan Boys are still goofy and lovable as if they were people you went to school with. Literally, just go YouTube “BTS funny moments.” They’re literal clowns (the good kind) and we’re never bored because of them.

5. They love their ARMY more than anything else in the world

Have you seen the love these boys have for the ARMY? Like seriously, you will struggle to find any relationship of any kind that has the amount of love BTS have for their fans and the feeling is of course mutual. They get emotional when they sing back to them at shows, they always show their gratitude for them and if anyone looked at us the way they do at ARMYs then we’d be ready to set the wedding date pronto.

Obviously we could list a billion more reasons to stan but we’d be here forever! But these 5 reasons alone should be enough to entice you into stanning BTS.

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Do you stan BTS? What was the reason you became an ARMY? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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