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Billy Talent Launch Episodic Film Forgiveness!

Billy Talent Launch Episodic Film Forgiveness!

Canadian Rock legends Billy Talent released the first part of their short film for their track ‘Forgiveness’ on Friday 13th and our minds are blown!

The story, inspired by their new music, features UFC fighters Rose Namajunas & Cowboy Cerrone.

Directed by award-winning Canadian director, Michael Maxxis, the film is set in a bleak dystopian desert. This first episode, ‘Forgiveness I,’ features music from “Forgiveness I + II,” which the band dropped last week as a surprise and to great acclaim. The next chapter will release in early January.

We would go into details behind the story but you need to watch this first hand and soak up the story for yourself. Then wait in high anticipation with us for the next part!


Billy Talent collaborated with Maxxis on the story which is not only inspired by ‘Forgiveness’ but also other songs the band will be releasing in the next few months!

Of the film, Billy Talent’s Ben Kowalewicz says “We are so proud of this film. The spark of this idea was inspired by our new music and developed with our amazingly talented friend Michael Maxxis. This will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before from Billy Talent. We are so fortunate to have Rose and Cowboy be part of this. They are both captivating and riveting. We couldn’t be happier having them be part of the world we created.”

Maxxis agrees, saying, “This project is the result of a progressively minded band wanting to do something different and with depth. Forgiveness is a story of apostasy and the unabated commitment to self-mastery. None of this would have been possible without Cowboy’s partnership. He did everything from making weapons, to casting, getting horses, the fight choreography, his own stunts, and providing accommodations for cast and crew at his ranch. It really was a priceless experience. I’ve been blessed to work with brilliant collaborators on this, which is a testament to the band’s vision. The journey of making this film is not so dissimilar from the story itself. Funny how life is sometimes.”


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We’re loving how creative this is, and how the band have created a new narrative for their music. Just when we thought Billy Talent couldn’t get any better. They prove us wrong once again — and we don’t mind, we’re here for it!

Have you watched the first part and will you be continuing to watch further episodes? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop!

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