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It’s Here! The City Morgue Album We Have Been Hyped For!

It’s Here! The City Morgue Album We Have Been Hyped For!

We last spoke to you about City Morgue when they dropped their new track ‘The Balloons‘ ahead of the album release. Well, guess what? THE ALBUM IS HERE NOW!

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City Morgue made the 17-track album with none-other than music legend producer Mike Dean. The collection is full of dark metallic turns while remaining loyal to timeless East Coast Hip Hop.

If you’re in love with the dark side of music with a twist, then this album packs the punch you’re looking for! However, if you’re just a Hip Hop lover looking for something different on the scene, then this is something we feel you may truly be living for as well!


‘1,2,3,4!’ The album starts with a bang with ‘Neck Brace’ the catchy chorus will having you chanting along in no time! With some crazy-great bars for the verses, this track truly drags you along for the ride for what is definitely an album you’re going to be thankful you took the time to listen too.

With some dub-step backing vibes the next track ‘Inferior’ displays a raw anger that we can vibe with. This is then followed by an album highlight for us with ‘Draino’ featuring Denzel Curry. The hip hop beat paired along with the the verses this track display’s what we love about hip-hop in all its glory. Check it out and I think you may agree!

There are so many songs here that we could go on all day, but if you don’t have time to listen to the whole album today but want to check out a few tracks we recommend ‘Splinter’ with its edgy samples and spooky elements, lyrically this track is a masterpiece and the beat is insane!

We’re also living for ‘Mouthguard’ as it starts with a slow climb the song invites you into the mind of City Morgue and is truly an album highlight!


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To learn more about City Morgue:
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