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K-Pop Christmas Songs Playlist

K-Pop Christmas Songs Playlist

If you’re into K-pop and looking for songs to accompany you through this Christmas season, or if you’re not into K-pop but are open minded and looking for new amazing Christmas songs, this playlist is for you.

Today I bring you a collection full of both original and covered Christmas songs from Korean artists. I promise you won’t regret giving a listen to this playlist!

Girls Generation TTS: Dear Santa

Starting with a classic, Girls Generation sub-unit TaeTiSeo’s ( TTS ) song ‘Dear Santa’ is one of the oldest and most loved songs for Christmas amongst K-pop fans. Released in 2015 and with the amazing voices of the vocalists Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun, Dear Santa promises to grab you and envelop you in Christmas spirit through a beautiful melody and dream like harmonies.

 Oh! It also counts with an English version, for the most skeptical listeners …

Twice: Merry & Happy

Twice’s festive image, bright personality and sweet voices are an amazing combination for Christmas songs. ‘Merry & Happy’ is a true blessing for the season. If you use this song while decorating your house, I promise you won’t regret it – ‘Merry & Happy’ has a great joy to it, and you’ll findyourself singing and dancing along without even noticing.

Exo: Miracles of December

On a more emotional tone, EXO’s ‘Miracles of December’ – in my humble opinion – is a must throughout December. This song shows just how amazing some of the vocals of the group are, and how a simple melody can stir our hearts deeply. I can’t deny how much my heart melted on 2018 SBS Gayo, when the song was performed by the three vocalists, Chen, Baekhyun and D.O., while the rapper Chanyeol stood on the piano – one of the most beautiful Christmas performances I have ever seen, even if it’s just for its simplicity and simultaneous power.

You can vote for EXO on our Artist Of The Year, 2019.

Monsta X: Lonely Christmas

Released as a surprise gift for their fans last year, Monsta X’s ‘Lonely Christmas’ is a simple and chill song that will lead you in a sense of peace perfect for the holiday season. If you want to just sit down and drink your favorite warm drink in front of the fire place, this song is a perfect one to add to your personal playlist. Composed and written by the main rapper Jooheon, ‘Lonely Christmas’ is a true Christmas sweet.

You can vote for Monsta X on our Artist Of The Year, 2019.

Taeyeon: This Christmas

After mentioning Girls Generation, we must also mention the group’s leader and main voice, Taeyeon. One of the most appreciated artists in South Korea, Taeyeon released her Christmas album ‘This Christmas – Winter is Coming’ back in 2017. The chosen title track ‘This Christmas’ is a true Christmas ballad that suits the singer so well. Trust us and search the full album with amazing songs and covers, such as ‘Let it Snow’ an ‘Christmas With You’.

Exo: Universe

EXO makes it a second time on the playlist, because our list wouldn’t be complete with ‘Universe’ as well. The song is the title track for their Winter Special album with the same name, released in 2017. The ballad brings small glimpses of rock, accompanied by a guitar melody that hooks you. But ‘Universe’ is not the only amazing work the group has delivered, so we strongly advise a deep look into the rest of the album.

F(x): Wish List

Part of S.M. Entertainment’s project Winter Garden, ‘Wish List’ was the digital song released by girlgroup F(x). It veers a little bit from the traditional concept of Christmas song, but not really, and honestly, I think it’s what makes this song so special – aside from the amazing artists. ‘Wish List’ should definitely make it on your list if you want something different, but still with the joyful Christmas theme.

Red Velvet: Wish Tree

A little bit more traditional, Wish Tree is the digital single released by girlgroup Red Velvet for S.M. Entertainment’s Winter Garden. More of a ballad type of song; ‘Wish Tree’ is full of harmonies with a dramatic chorus which reminds us of our favorite Christmas movies.

Baek A Yeon ft. GOT7 JB: Just Because

A more seasonal ballad, ‘Just Because’ is a duet between solo singer Baek A Yeon and GOT7’s leader JB. The song has a very soothing vibe and interprets a lonely heart, questioning if they should call an ex-lover or not, out of curiosity.

 B1A4: It’s Christmas Time

Skipping back to joyful songs, B1A4’s ‘It’s Christmas Time’ is one of those that will make you dance and sing along, epecially through the English hook verse “I just wanna be your good friend”.

 TWICE: The best Thing I ever did

‘The Best Thing I Ever Did’ was TWICE’s 2018 Christmas release and portrays a ballad. Even though the lyrics speak of love, the concept shows the members looking back on their actions and everything they have accomplished. Being close to wrapping up one more year, Christmas season is a good season to take time and look back at everything we achieved and be grateful to our victories – big or small.

GOT7: Confession

Cute song? Check. An absolutely adorable music video? Check. Got7 has got you covered. ‘Confession’ is possibly one of the most endearing combinations between a cute ballad and a super endearing video. In this video the members of the group bring real students to confess to their lovers. As a small reminder that we should not be afraid to take the first step. And maybe the Christmas spirit is all the help we need.

Eric Nam: Melt My Heart

‘Melt My Heart’ is a romantic song, however, its joyful melody and the simple bells make it great for the Christmas season. Eric Nam’s vocals are always pleasant to hear, and this special winter single is not an exception.

NCT Dream: Joy

The youngest unit of NCT has made a very endearing (but not less exciting) version of ‘Joy To The World’ mixed with ‘Jingle Bells’ and K-pop lights. There’s no argument that these boys are talented, and if you thought this mix would be weird, you were wrong. ‘Joy’ will stick with you, and let me tell you, lift your mood anytime.

JaeHan: In The Winder

If simple seasonal ballads and sweet voices are your taste, JaeHan’s ‘In The Winter’ is a good addition to your playlist. The former Produce 101 contestant debuted in the boygroup Spectrum. He released the winter special song last year.

See Also

BoA ft. Crush: Starry Night

One of Kpop’s most iconic solo singers BoA is back with her mini album ‘Starry Night’ and kicks off this season in a festive way. The title track features singer Crush in an amazing contemporary r&b.  Set to warm your heart and soothe your mind, Starry Night is an amazing addition to this year’s Christmas list.

Wendy: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

This classic couldn’t be missed from our list. This time, in the voice of Red Velvet’s main vocalist Wendy, ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ is brought into light with a different perspective, not only because of the interpretation but because the singer is accompanied by classic music musicians, such as pianist Jay Jung Jae Moon and violinist Lee Nile for a pure classic, jazz sound.

BTS: Christmas Day (JK & JM) – Mistletoe ver.

BTS members Jimin and Jungkook released a their own Korean version for Justin Bierber’s ‘Mistletoe’, and titled it ‘Christmas Day.’ The sweet voices of BTS’ vocalists will sooth you out while bringing you joy.

You can vote for BTS on our Artist Of The Year, 2019.

Ailee: My Grown Up Christmas List

‘My Grown Up Christmas List’ is an original by Christian-pop singer Amy Grant. However, it has been covered by one of the biggest voices of the industry. Ailee’s beautiful voice brings fair justice to the ballad and was even released both in Korean and English.

Of course this list does not have all K-pop Christmas songs or covers! But we do hope it helps make your Christmas season a bit more joyful. You can also tweet us your favorite Christmas songs from K-Pop and share what you’re playing through this season!

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Words and Featured Image by Rita Louren

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