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12 Days 12 Movies (Day 4 Movie Review)

12 Days 12 Movies (Day 4 Movie Review)

How are you faring this holiday season? Check your eggnog stash, make sure it’s all filled up! Right around this time the presents come through the mail in bulk and the floor upstairs behind the locked door is covered in wrapping paper and tape and ribbons from failed wrapping attempts where the paper wouldn’t quite fit the box. Day 4 Christmas review? Thank God!

Phew, that was a mouthful. Take a break from the holiday madness and join us for day 4 of our countdown to Christmas! We have a cute one in store for you folks today.

This one will give you memorable laughs and a few tears. In the end, it gives a good message about family and finding where one belongs. To the readers that enjoyed the first three movies for their raunchy humor, sorry! Where this movie lacks in dark comedy, it makes up for in heartwarming storytelling.

Shall we?


Source: IMDB Elf

If only Danny Elfman did the score for this movie … Missed opportunity. I’m fine — no, I’m not mad or anything that Danny Elfman didn’t compose this movie. Not that it wouldn’t have been perfect. It’s fine. It’s fine. But no, it’s not fine because you don’t get opportunities like that everyday! A total whiff.

I mean here’s a movie about a grown man who believes he’s an elf from the North Pole. Only he really is an “elf” only in the sense that he was raised by elves. In reality, he’s a human adopted by Santa and his elves. So he’s a grown man. And an elf. So he’s an elf-man. Elfman. Danny Elfman? Anybody? Come on, it’s perfect.


Like I said in my tirade, Buddy the elf is a human. One Christmas Eve night when Santa visits an orphanage, Buddy sneaks out of his crib and crawls after a teddy bear in Santa’s bag of toys. Unbeknownst to Santa, he brings the baby back to the North Pole. To everyone’s surprise, Buddy crawls out of the bag and unable to resist the baby’s cuteness, an older elf with a gentle heart adopts Buddy the elf and raises him.

Amidst tiny toilets, showers, tables, chairs, low ceilings, and after numerous failures to make toys efficiently like the other elves, Buddy comes to find out he’s a human. This existential crisis brings Buddy back to Papa Elf who tells him his real father lives in New York City and his mother died when he was young. Determined to find out his true self, Buddy ventures out of the North Pole for the first time to find his real father in New York City.

This is where the fun begins. Any normal human who visits the Big Apple for the first time makes enough mistakes. Looking up at the buildings, using maps, not walking fast enough, buying the wrong type of pizza. Imagine what happens when Buddy enters the city?

It doesn’t go well for the longest time and when Buddy meets his father, Walter Hobbs (portrayed by James Caan), things get better … Sort of. In fact, some things get worse as Buddy fights for his stoic dad’s attention. Buddy fails. And fails. And fails.

But Buddy is persistent in breaking the stone cold hearts of the people around him. First he succeeds with his love interest, Jovie (portrayed by Zooey Deschanel). To get a date after creeping on a girl in the locker room shower does not happen often. But it happens for Buddy.

And on the Christmas night when Santa comes to New York, Buddy has an opportunity to prove himself and his worth, not only to his loved ones but to himself.

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If you want a light-hearted movie about finding yourself, this is the Christmas movie for you. You really can’t go wrong with Elf. It has the romance, the hope, the conflict, and the believing that comes with and without seeing.

Elf reminds you what Christmas is really about. It might be a hard decision. Take off work, go sledding with your kids, eat dinner at the table with your family, tell your loved ones you love them. In a few years, you won’t regret that you did. Elf reminds you how important these holiday seasons are to us all.

Join Us Tomorrow

So join us tomorrow this holiday season for day 5 of our countdown to Christmas! We are 8 movie reviews away from waking up from sugarplum dreams on a white Christmas morning. Unless you live in Florida, then here’s hoping it gets below 80 degrees.

Let us know your favorite Elf scene below in the comments!

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