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5 Reasons Why … You Should Stan YUNGBLUD

5 Reasons Why … You Should Stan YUNGBLUD


YUNGBLUD, known as Dom to fans, has been one of the biggest musical names of the year. With good reason too! He speaks his truth to the world without apology. He is driven and has managed to take multiple genres of music and blend them. There is something for everyone to enjoy. Don’t believe me? Here are 5 reasons to stan YUNGBLUD.

1 . The Messages in His Songs are Important

Dom may be fueled by fire, but that doesn’t change the fact that his songs have one hell of meaning behind them. Each song has a message and a story to tell. For instance, his song ‘Polygraph eyes’ speaks upon the importance of consent. Also, the fact that if you see something you should say something. It’s not okay to ignore someone when they need help. Along with ‘Polygraph eyes,’ he has also written songs such as ’11 minutes,’ ‘Machine gun,’ and ‘Parents.’ Here are some lyrics from some of his most popular songs.

Leave it alone mate, she doesn’t want to go home with you.”

Polygraph Eyes

My high hopes are getting low, but I know I’ll never be alone. It’s alright, we’ll survive, cause parents ain’t always right


I’m so fucking sorry, I’m so fucking sorry. I’ve been playing somebody and it’s helping nobody

11 Minutes

2 . He’s Politically Driven

Whether we want to admit it or not, Dom has been hard to ignore. He has a loud voice that seems to overpower those that try to quiet him. While talking with NME magazine he talked about how he got to this point, “All my life I feel like I haven’t been heard. This is the first time I feel like I haven’t been shouting into a dark room. I’m having a conversation with a community that’s building so quickly.” He moved out of his house to London at the young age of 16, and that forced him to learn about life and what parts fit and what parts didn’t. He is educated and willing to share his knowledge. A true icon.

3 . The Way He Interacts With His Fans

Dom’s fans are the sole reason he is performing. He loves to hype fans up and let them know that they are all worth their weight in gold to him. He takes the time to listen to their stories and let them inspire him. There is no fear in eye contact, hugs, and an intimate conversation. there is no question here that he loves and appreciates his fans, we know it’s true.

4 . He Speaks Up

Not many artists have the guts to speak up about things. He knows the difference between right and wrong and is not afraid to tell it to the world. Whether people are going to like it or not.

5 . He is here to make an impression

YUNGBLUD has a message, and he wants it heard by the masses. What better way than to make your music loud and in your face? People are more likely to pay attention to you. He took our generation under his wing and is defending us with everything he has. You can watch YUNGBLUD blow the mind of Youtuber Thethirdbill, who has never heard is music before.

Dying for more Yungblud? We gotchu.

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