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Jonghyun’s Legacy

Jonghyun’s Legacy

Two years after one of the darkest days for the music industry, especially for K-Pop, fans spread memories of their beloved idol. A day when Kim Jonghyun left this world, and behind him, a big void not only in the hearts of his fans, but also in music. Today, fans all around the world remembered Jonghyun, recalling his legacy.

Jonghyun was SHINee’s main vocalist and one of the most well-known and beloved voices in Korea. The multi-talented idol was adored by many. Although the singer was a huge music icon, Jonghyun was also a big source of inspiration to his fans. The world mourned him and even now, two years later, people are gathering to remind the world of his achievements and how great the loss still is.

We, at The Honey POP, were gravely impacted by his life. In honor of our shining star, we choose to focus on what Jonghyun achieved in his short time with us.

Image source: SM Entertainment

Kim Jonghyun was scouted by his label S.M. Entertainment back in 2005. He trained for three years before his debut with five member group, SHINee. The group has been inexplicably influential in Korea since its debut, not only in music, but also in fashion and dance. Jonghyun’s participation was not limited to his vocals, but expanded to his songwriting and production skills, which quickly integrated the group’s dynamics and core.

Image source: Blue Night Photo Studio

However, his real debut as a composer was on IU’s ‘A Gloomy Clock,’ which was included on her album. Jonghyun not only composed, but co-wrote lyrics and duets with his close friend on a slow and very sweet ballad. His solo debut as a singer came two years later with his first mini-album named ‘Base.’ The album was well received by the public, fans, and critics – all praising Jonghyun’s contributions.

Image Source: OSEN

But if you think that this is all, you’re wrong. Jonghyun’s legacy goes beyond his participation in music. He also released a book – Skeleton Flower: Things That Have Been Released and Set Free – and hosted ‘Blue Night’ for three years – a midnight radio show he’s believed to have taken because of his insomnia. Jonghyun often referred to the radio show as a refuge for himself, through which he could share some of his innermost and honest thoughts. It was also through the radio show that he subtly shared previews of songs from his solo compilation album ‘Story Op.1

“Difference isn’t wrong.” – Jonghyun

He was known for his bright personality in front of the cameras. Yet, Jonghyun admitted to being camera shy and was not keen to participate in programs or visual recordings. He was also known for his loud voice of advocacy. Jonghyun didn’t shy away from what he believed in and often spoke about sensitive, but important, topics. Some of them included his support to the LGBT Community, against misogyny/sexism, and political awareness – he even used ‘The Ultimate Confrontation’ picture on his SNS profile for years. Jonghyun was also very open about his sentiments when it came to people trying to mold his personality. After being asked to be “more manly and not cry,” he asked – ‘Why can’t men cry? Are men not people too?’.

The Ultimate Confrontation. Image source: Marc Riboud

Jonghyun Remembered on Twitter

Today, fans around the world are creating and attending events to recall the amazing legacy Jonghyun has left. From the funniest moments, to his most emotional ones, fans show how Jonghyun is still remembered and loved.

Every artist, every musician, every band creates ripples with the lives they impact. Some of those spread farther than others. But, no matter how far the reach of a celebrity, at the end of the day, it is one real human changing the lives of other humans. Jonghyun left ripples that will extend forever — in our hearts and in our lives, impacting us well past when his beautifully brilliant star dimmed. We will forever miss you, Jonghyun, thank you for everything, and you did so well. ❤️

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Featured Image: SM Entertainment / Words: Rita Louren

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