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Sweet Releases – This Weeks Sweetest Tunes

Sweet Releases – This Weeks Sweetest Tunes

Sweet Releases

Rough week? We’ve got you covered with some new favorites!. These Sweet Releases will have you saying goodbye to that weekday stress, and hello to those feel-good vibes. Sweet! You can thank us later.

So, throw on a face mask and rock out to these killer new tunes. Sweet Releases: The Honey Pop’ss answer to self care.

Alec King — ‘7PM’

Alec King has released a fire tune in ‘7PM.’ It has you bopping along from the get-go and is super catchy. The song itself is a diss track for an ex-girlfriend who had anxiety and despite all Alec’s effort, wouldn’t go out at the weekend. It’s a song that has real potential and if the comments on the video are to go by, it’s already really popular. Go check it out!

LOVECRAFT — Naughty&Nice

If you’re feeling the Christmas spirit but still missing Halloween then LOVECRAFT’s newest single ‘Naughty & Nice’ is sure to put you in the holiday mood. It’s full of the classic ‘Jingle Bell’ holiday song vibes we all love. Backed by a spooky, haunted-house sounding track and ghoulish lyrics, it really combines the best of both seasons. The song is a dance-pop anthem for those who can’t get enough of Halloween, even during the holiday season. It’s like ‘A Nightmare Before Christmas’ come to life! Don’t be on the naughty list, give ‘Naughty & Nice’ a listen!

Ocean Grove — ‘SUNNY’

It’s summer in Australia, and Ocean Grove is here to take full advantage of the season. Their new single ‘Sunny’ is an ode to enjoying a beautiful, sunny day while kicking aside whatever anxiety you’re feeling about taking on a new day. It really captures the carefree, youthful feeling of partying your summer away without a care in the world while still maintaining the heavy musical style that Ocean Grove is known for. So drag your speakers to the beach, feel the sand under your feet and jam out to ‘Sunny’

Hot Mulligan — ‘Feal like Crab’

Hot Mulligan is here with their new single ‘Feal Like Crab’ and, spoiler alert, it’s not about crabs. ‘Feal Like Crab’ embodies the all too relatable feeling of struggling with your self worth and finding your place in the world, that so many of us experience as we grow up. It has that time-honored, early 2000s pop punk feel to it, making it a coming-of-age track for a new generation of pop punk listeners. Do you ‘Feal Like Crab’? Give the song a listen and decide for yourself .

DOLAPO — ‘I Swear ft Chip’

DOLAPO has released a remix of her song ‘I swear ft Chip.’ It’s a great mix of RnB with a tropical vibe. It is sure to bring DOLAPO to your attention. She is a rising star and quite rightly so. She’s super talented with a stunning voice. Move over Rihanna, there’s a new girl on the block!

Anthony Flammia — ‘Damn’

‘Damn’ is the new single from Anthony Flammia. It’s a feel-good song with a mellow melody that Anthony’s voice melts beautifully along with, taking you to a place of complete relaxation. If you like this song, you are going to love his new album See Attached available from December 20th.

Yoshi Flower — ‘More’

‘More’ is the new single from Yoshi Flower’s latest album I Will Not Let My Love Go To Waste and it really doesn’t disappoint. It’s an upbeat, fun guitar-filled bop that will have you wanting to jump up and dance wherever you are. It’s a sound that is unique and very enjoyable to listen to. We will definitely be adding it to our playlists!

Bad Gyal — ‘Zorra’

Spanish Sensation Bad Gyal has dropped her new single ‘Zorra’ as well as the music video, which has a really fierce bad b*tch kinda vibe. Being bad b*tches ourselves, we are totally here for it. 💅 The beats and fast paced lyrics matched with the reggaeton background give this song banger status. The revenge at the end, while graphic, is exactly what you feel when you’ve been hurt by a man who’s done you wrong. This is one fierce lady!

Princess Goes To The Butterfly Museum- – ‘Ketamine’

Ketamine is such a beautiful song! We somehow never got tired of listening to it on repeat. While it has a haunting melody, there is also a calm side to it, which made the song more intriguing to us with every listen. The video is also one of the most unique music videos we’ve seen in long time! It fit the song SO well with its dark imagery and was really thought provoking in a good way!

Ashland — ‘OMG’

Ashland have slayed again with ‘OMG’. The band stated it is “our most honest music video to date.” It really brings out the frustrations and honestly in dealing with how anxiety and low self esteem can affect someone’s life. It’s a humorously honest video for a brilliant alternative rock song. We are very impressed and love the song and video. We are ‘Over The Moon’ that you have a new album. which you can purchase right here.

Drama Relax — ‘On The Side’

‘On The Side’ is a super fun song! With its addictive beat and rhythm as well as the catchy lyrics, it definitely deserves a high spot on our favorites playlist! We can already imagine singing and dancing along to this song during karaoke nights with our friends. This tune will definitely be playing at our next party!

See Also

Griff — ‘Eternal Flame’ Cover

Another treat for our ears today comes from GRIFF, the up-and-coming British pop star whose name you need to remember! She surprised us with a cover of The Bangles’ 80s classic ‘Eternal Flame.’ Adding strings to the track underneath her stunning velvety vocals, GRIFF gives the famous song a whole new lease on life, introducing it to the modern world.
If this track has you hooked on her voice, then you can check her stunning EP The Mirror Talk which just dropped last month and is perfect listening material on your commute, doing your cleaning, and everything in between.

Arin Ray — Phases II EP

Oh my goodness, we are not exaggerating when we say that Phases II has just become one of our favorite EPs! Every track sounds super unique and has a different vibe to it. While ‘ZZZ’ for example marks the start of the EP with a catchy melody, ‘A Seat’ ends the album with a calmer, more laid-back feeling. In our opinion, ALL of the tracks are bops but ‘Change’ is definitely a THP favorite! Kehlani gives the song even more pep with her unique voice and every time we listen to the song, it never fails to put us in a good mood!

Ihsahn — ‘Stridig’

Ihsahn has brought us his first single ‘Stridig’ from the first of 2 EPs inspired by his hometown. Although the song is heavy to start with and throughout. He has given us a little surprise in the middle of the song with a soft moment comprising of an amazing guitar solo accompanied by a touch of the vocalist’s voice. It really adds a little something special to an already incredible song. Keep an eye out, Ihsahn is going places!

Well, there you have it! We’ve compiled your newest playlist of your favorite songs and maybe some new big hits! Again, you can totally thank us later.

What do you think of these Sweet Releases? Do you have a sweet song you think should be added to our list? Check out past installments here.Then let us know what you thought of them down in the comments, or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

Featured Image Source: Bilge Zeynep

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