YUNGBLUD Makes Top Ten Artists To Storm 2020

YUNGBLUD Makes Top Ten Artists To Storm 2020

Yungblud revealed that he will be playing 5 special shows at London’s O2 Forum Kentish Town. The original dates announced that he would only be playing 3 shows. However, those shows sold out in just minutes encouraging our favorite rock and roll Brit to add 2 more dates in 2020.

Shortly after he was awarded the title, along with nine others, as one of ten artists set to take next year. Not only that, but he was also listed in BBC’s Sound of 2020 long list and one of YouTube’s Ones to Watch. What an honor! But if we are being completely honest here. We’ve been watching for a long time.

Notion stans YUNGBLUD almost just as much as we do, and for that reason they have placed him on the cover of their magazine. We can’t wait to see all the incredible pictures and concepts that have for Dom! Notion covered topics such as being called sexy, the Black Hearts Club, and what it’s like to be involved in politics at his age.

Image Source: Jxlom for Notion Magazine

“If you asked a young person ten years ago ‘are you interested in politics’, they’d be like ‘fuck no’. But now we have to be because look what’s going on in the world…we ain’t bratty kids moaning anymore, we are genuinely well-informed young people who are gonna fight and push. I’m very hopeful.”

YUNGBLUD on current politics

“The ability to share your feelings and talk about what’s going on in your soul and your head, is the foundation of what YUNGBLUD is about. It’s one big bloody pot of empathy. Talk about who you are, shout about it, fucking scream it in my face, because I can’t wait to hear it. Deafen me with it. That’s why the shows are so fucking loud, because people are saying ‘hello this is who I am’ for the first time ever.”

YUNGBLUD on the importance of empathy

In terms of sexuality, I want to be an advocate for relaying the idea that you can love whoever the fuck you want to love without judgement at all, and you can identify any way you want to identify and no one should judge you for it. To love and be loved in return is everybody’s single handed right. If people want to call me that then sick — I’m sexy.”

YUNGBLUD on his view of being a sex symbol

“I am nothing without them — it’s us. It’s not me and them, it’s us, and if it’s anything other than us then this whole fucking thing is flawed. I’m on the t-shirt, but without people wearing the t-shirt I’m just a fucking idiot from the North in too much makeup.”

YUNGBLUD on The Black Hearts Club

You can pre-order a copy of YUNGBLUD’s cover on Notion magazine here.

2020 is about to be YUNGBLUD’s year. We can feel it! Do you plan on seeing him live this year? Sound off in the comments and let us know! Or you can tweet us @TheHoneyPop with your concert pictures! We’d love to see them!

Do you just wanna die for the hype? Pls don’t. We’ll hype you up here okay?

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Featured Image Source: Notion

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