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It’s National Emo Day

It’s National Emo Day

It’s National Emo Day! For some of us, this is a day to celebrate the times we donned our skinny ripped jeans, thickly applied the eyeliner and wore black lipstick. For some of us, National Emo Day is every day, but wherever you sit with this. This is a day for us to celebrate the emo scene for what it was and how it still lives on today!

We decided to compile a collection of our favorite classic emo anthems … so if you’re good to go, sit back and get ready to take a trip down emo lane!

Welcome To The Black Parade — My Chemical Romance

When this track exploded onto the charts, even if you were not an emo kid, you probably still listened. This song became an anthem of a generation alongside other bangers from My Chem like ‘I’m Not Okay’ and ‘Teenagers.’ And let’s not forget ‘Sing!’ The fact that this band has reunited recently … well our emo hearts are on fire!

I Write Sins Not Tragedies — Panic! At The Disco

Remember this Panic! era? It was iconic and from chanting at people to ‘Close the God damn door’ through to singing about ‘Lying is the most’ we were living our best lives!

Dear Maria Count Me In — All Time Low

Everybody, and we mean everybody, knows this song is the pop-punk anthem of a generation. Everybody sing with us… I GOT YOUR PICTURE I’M COMING WITH YOU DEAR MARIA COUNT ME IN!

Sugar We’re Going Down — Fall Out Boy

Who else head bobs along to this song? FOB have produced some bangers over the years and this track is no exception that’s for sure!

Welcome To My Life — Simple Plan

‘To feel hurt, to feel lost, to be left out in the dark’ Simple Plan created an emo anthem with this song that spoke to a lot of us. To this day this is still a track that can still feel and be relevant … this song lets you know you’re not alone in feeling these thoughts.

Misery Business — Paramore

‘I’m in the business of misery, lets take it from the top’ this iconic song paired with the video was huge. Hayley Williams became the scene’s favorite girl, and a lot of us switched up the black hair dye for red. Paramore produce timeless tracks, and this one is no exception.

I Miss You — Blink-182

This particular Blink track spoke to our emo hearts and on those days where we choose to feel nostalgic or embrace our emo heart a bit harder than usual, it still does.

Dirty Little Secret — All American Rejects

All American Rejects were huge on the emo scene. With ‘Give’s You Hell’ they had us yelling, ‘It Ends Tonight’ had us shed a tear and ‘Another Heart Calls’ had us sobbing. ‘Dirty Little Secret’ despite its sadness also made us feel powerful especially with them letting their fans share their secrets in this video; it still has that energy when you go back and listen.

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Wake Me Up When September Ends — Greenday

Whether you were around from the Dookie days of ‘Basketcase’ or you discovered Greenday in the American Idiot era. This band has produced some of the finest anthems and rock hits for years. This track being no exception, we all know how special this track is to band frontman Billie and this would not be a list without it!

The Anthem — Good Charlotte

This created some bangers that are still in our playlists today. Remember when they sang about ‘Lifestyles Of The Rich & The Famous’ & ‘Girls & Boys’? We do, and these days the Madden brothers still make music and manage one of our faves Waterparks … they are still killing it and we will eternally love them.

We couldn’t add them all here, but we do have some honorable mentions! We The Kings, Yellowcard, Taking Back Sunday, 30 Seconds To Mars, May Day Parade and New Found Glory. We could go on forever but just know that we hope you enjoy National Emo Day and get a blast of nostalgia with our choices.

Did we include your fave track? If not what is it? Let us remininse with you! Tweet us @TheHoneyPop or drop a comment below!

Featured Image Source: Rital L, THP Graphic Designer

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