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That’s A Wrap On James Wan’s ‘Malignant’

That’s A Wrap On James Wan’s ‘Malignant’

James Wan’s Wrap

That’s a wrap! Warner Brothers announced filming recently wrapped on the set of James Wan’s latest film, Malignant. Renowned for his creation of the Conjuring universe, James Wan took a break directing horror movies. Instead he moved on to direct such movies as Aquaman and Furious 7. While Wan produced all three Annabelle movies, the Curse of La Llorona and The Nun, Malignant is the first horror movie since the Conjuring 2 (2016) that he directed.

What Is Malignant About?

Malignant is based on James Wan’s graphic novel the Malignant Man. The graphic novel tells the story of a dying cancer patient, Alan Gates, who discovers his tumor is actually an alien parasite. With brand-spanking-new superhuman powers, Alan Gates battles a hidden evil beneath the facade of human skin.


Details of the film version have been kept close to the chest. As far as plot goes, no word has gotten out. More than likely fan speculation will reach us soon. Especially quickly now that news came from the studio about the film reaching the post-production stage.

Creeps and scares, spine-tingles and the heebie jeebies can be expected from James Wan. Whereas Stephen King is to horror novels, James Wan is to horror films. The director/producer is the mastermind behind the infamous Saw franchise. Six years after the first Saw movie, James Wan seemingly conquered the horror genre with 2010’s Insidious, then did it again in 2013 with the Conjuring.

Fans were surprised earlier this year when Wan deactivated his Twitter account. Coming off the completion of Aquaman, Wan wrote in a comment that it was only a break to focus on writing. It does not appear James Wan reactivated his account, but looking ahead to his planned projects, nobody can really blame the man for taking a break.

James Wan plans to produce upcoming horror films The Nun 2, The Crooked Man, and The Conjuring: the Devil Made Me Do It. All three are set to release in 2020, with The Conjuring: the Devil Made Me Do It already in post-production.

With James Wan’s wrap on Malignant, 2020 looks to be a frightful year! Malignant is set to release in August 2020, and will pave the way his other 2020 horror films. The future of the horror genre never looked brighter than with James Wan at the helm.

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Who else is excited for James Wan’s new films? I know I am.

What’s your favorite James Wan movie? Which one spooked you the most? Let us know below or tweet us over @TheHoneyPOP!

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