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The Grudge Will Hit Theaters Once Again

The Grudge Will Hit Theaters Once Again

We are just about three weeks away from hiding under the covers again. January 3rd is the release date for the latest rendition of the Grudge. In fact, this will be the second remake of the Grudge in theaters as the 2004 film was a remake of the Japanese flick, Ju-On. The horror genre has a terrible rap sheet when it comes to remakes, but the Grudge is the exception that makes the rule. Alongside the Ring, a remake of Japanese horror Ringu, the Grudge has gone down in the books as one of the best horror movies made and certainly one of the scariest.

The Plot

For those of you that are new to The Grudge, the story is simple, yet riveting. Two vengeful spirits latch onto anyone who enters their house. Almost like touching a cursed item, entering this house is a death sentence. The evil these spirits embody spreads throughout your life and from person to person you may be in contact with. More than just a haunted house movie, The Grudge explores the horror of a curse. Curses have made appearances in film but never before has it been done as effectively as Ju-On, the Grudge, Ringu, and the Ring have done in their own respective ways.

Wall crawling in the Grudge Source: GIPHY

As expected, there will be changes. But from the sound and look of it, changes might be a good thing in this instance. As Nicolas Pesci described in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, his movie isn’t so much a remake. “The beauty of The Grudge franchise, both the American and Japanese iterations, is it’s an anthology series. Every movie is a different story of different characters having different interactions with this curse. In today’s age where we’re remaking everything, I thought it would be fun to dive into The Grudge universe where we don’t have to remake anything, but rather a new chapter in this canon.”

The production team has been fairly tight lipped about this movie’s plot, but fans were given tastes with teaser trailers and exclusive clips. From the looks of it, we’re in for a treat, horror fans.

Click here to be scared out of your mind with this exclusive clip! And if you want the full trailer, click here!

the Grudge hands from the remake Source: GIPHY

The Director

Young 29 year old director Nicolas Pesce is at the helm of the 2020 remake. Pesce has done well for his age in the industry, and his track record resides primarily in the horror genre (the Eyes of My Mother and Piercing). But Pesce has remained relatively hidden until now. This appears to be the young writer/director’s big break into stardom. This looks to be Pesce’s big leap from Sundance to Hollywood.

The Cast

You’ll recognize this mysterious medium from the Insidious movies. Lin Shaye returns to horror and we love having her in these kinds of movies. At first glance one might see a sweet elderly lady, but watching her perform shows off her horrifying potential.

John Cho, the TV and movie star, takes on the lead role Peter Spencer. The prolific actor is famous for his work in Star Trek movies and being the voice of Vince Chung on American Dad. Many 90’s kids will remember John Cho as the ‘MILF’ guy in American Pie and American Pie 2.

Starring alongside these two, is Andrea Riseborough. Most known for her roles in Bloodline, Birdman, and Battle of the Sexes. We are looking forward to seeing her portray leading role Detective Muldoon.

You may also recognize William Sadler (Shawshank Redemption) and Demián Bichir (Hateful 8).

The Fan Reactions

Some fans still remain hesitant of remakes and will wait until they see it for themselves. But other horror fans are jumping for joy at this movie’s trailer.

Scared us too!

Yeah we are!

You and us both!

However, skepticism is expected. Horror fans have been duped by production companies for years. Originality has gone by the wayside in favor of cheap thrills and remakes. Sequels and remakes. And it’s no wonder why the horror genre has become a mockery in the film industry.

See Also

Fans hope for quality. Or in the very least, a reasonable attempt to make a decent horror movie. And when remakes hit theaters, movie goers tend to role their eyes.

But Nicolas Pesce brings a certain hope. Instead of remaking The Grudge, he hopes to do something different. An attempt to expand the universe. To tell something new instead of rip off the old. That’s all you can ask for as a movie buff. And though Pesce is relatively new to big productions such as this, a young and fresh perspective might be just what the horror genre needs to jumpstart it back to relevancy.

The Grudge means a lot to fans and the genre it inhabits. The excitement is palpable and we’re already getting nervous about dark corners. Sleep with the lights on if you have to. Anticipation for The Grudge already gave us goosebumps and the hairs on our necks are prickly. When we hear that iconic throaty croak in IMAX surround sound…

We’ll all shiver.

The Grudge hits theaters January 3rd, 2020. Tickets are on sale now! Click here to purchase your ticket from Fandango. Get them soon, horror fans!

Which do you prefer, the Grudge or the Ring? Let us know below in the comments or tweet us over @TheHoneyPOP!

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