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YouTubers That Owned The Decade

YouTubers That Owned The Decade

Which Youtubers owned the past decade? What we can say for certain is that this past decade has seen some HUGE changes on how we watch media and use it for entertainment. YouTube and the people who became YouTubers for a career have been a large part of that.

While some of us still prefer to go to the movies or get comfy on the couch and watch our favorite sitcom, a lot of us have switched to Netflix and YouTube as our main entertainment mediums.

YouTube, as we see it, has undergone some drastic changes over this past decade, not just with its overall accessibility but also with what content we like to see. Some of us will remember ‘HEY ITS FREDDDDD!’ and think “Yo, I loved that” while others will cringe and think “I can’t believe I was obsessed with that.” YouTubers have changed over time and some have moved on but one thing’s for sure: the platform is going nowhere.

So, here is a compilation of some of our faves from 2010 forward and some clips that are guaranteed to bring nostalgia and giggles!


If you have been watching as long as I have, 2010 was the year of NigaHiga, FRED, and Dave Days. Smosh was still thriving and the likes of Shane Dawson and Ray William Johnson had made a firm impression on the website.

If you’re like us, you were Dave Days fans and the dude will always hold a special place in your heart. Remember when he got Miley Cyrus to appear in one of his videos? WE DO! The concept that YouTubers could post and talk about their fave and have them reach out to collaborate made us feel like we were a part of it!

We could not write this article without including a ‘TEEHEE’ for the one and only NigaHiga who paved the way for so many others with his incredible content. And you can still watch him now as he still keeps his content flowing and is undoubtedly a part of YouTube royalty! He also has a podcast that is worth checking out!

2010 was also the year where someone who you might know by the name of Justin Bieber dropped the video for ‘Baby’ WE’RE NOT CRYING, YOU ARE!


This was year where commentary began making its real impact. You may remember a show called Equals 3, which was originally hosted in this era by Ray William Johnson. He became the biggest channel of the year and was also the first person to become a millionaire from being a YouTuber!

Even though we were already familiar with a specific kind of annoying orange, 2011 was the year that everyone including your mom and dad found out about his existence. And whether you love him or hate him (if you hate him you’re an apple), we can’t help but get nostalgic thinking whoa — we used to tune in weekly for this little orange dude!

This was also the year that we learned how to Party Rock… and we still bop out to this occasionally now!


2012 was the year where the YouTube OG, Smosh, regained their crown at the top of the YouTube sub count. Whether you were around from the beginning or only discovered them from 2012, it’s safe to say in a year where half the world was convinced the end was nigh, Smosh were around keeping us laughing and entertained. They will forever hold a special place in YouTube history and our hearts.

This was also the year where if you hadn’t heard of ‘Gangnam Style’ then you were probably not of this earth … Enter KPOP into mainstream Western Culture!


2013 was a brilliant year for a variety of reasons. For a start, the 2012 prophecy was false and earth survived! Notably though, this was the year that someone by the name of PewDiePie started his rise beginning the year with 4 million subscribers, which is now merely a fraction of this incredible YouTuber’s sub count!

If you were still party rocking though, something else came along to get you dancing. Can y’all remember the Harlem Shake?!? Some of us may still have a video of us out in the YouTube archives doing this … but we’re not here to talk about that … SMH

2013 also brought up a question we’re still not sure we know the actual answer to … ‘What Does The Fox Say?’


This was a year where PewDiePie remained ahead and formed a huge gap between himself and his fellow YouTubers. This was also the year of the rise of VEVO and musicians made some major headway into the most subscribed!

However a YouTuber by the name of Hola Soy German also made a huge impact this year! His sub count today still stands at over 40 million. WHOA!

On the music scene the novelty tracks seems to chill a little, this was the year Katy Perry stole the crown for her track ‘Dark Horse’


This year still saw the likes of Pewds and Hola killing it numbers wise. Gaming was still very popular, but this was also a year of commentary where other YouTubers like Jenna Marbles who have consistently killed it since the beginning were thriving …

Zoella had also been around awhile but her channel was on fire in 2015 as well.

For music, the biggest views racked in were for Major Laser & DJ Snake for ‘Lean On’ still a timeless bop IMHO!


Was the year where controversy blew up on the platform. Some of you may remember TheFineBros … they tried to trademark their REACT world and viewers and the community as a whole, turned on them. This was one of the first times in memory where people rushed to the unsubscribe button. This was major news for the year, but if you don’t remember this and want to know, H3H3 has gotchu.

This also saw the year where Channing Tatum went viral over his lip sync Battle and James Corden with his Carpool Karaoke featuring Adele. Before this, the only real mainstream TV show that used YouTube this way was The Ellen Show.

Harmonisers thrived in 2016 making Fifth Harmony’s ‘Work’ the most viewed music video!


This will forever be known as the year of the diss track, with the likes of W2S, KSI, Ricegum, Jake & Logan Paul all stepping up and making them on each other. This carried on into 2018, and helped pave the way for some huge moments for the YouTube community … but we will get to that later!

Joe Weller, a big part of the UK scene, brought boxing between YouTubers up and challenged KSI to a fight for the following year — something that to this day is considered a big part of YouTube history.

This year also had the music video which is still one of the most viewed YouTube videos, EVER. In the form of the iconic ‘Despacito.’ To date it has over 6.5 BILLION views!

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2018 was a hella crazy year, making news and waves — some for the right and some for the seriously wrong reasons.

Logan Paul began the year in Japan, and while we choose not to go into the details of everything that happened, ended up having to make a BIG apology for his actions. To this day some find his actions hard to forgive.

Around this time KSI defeated Joe Weller in his first boxing match and the community wanted more. At the end of the fight KSI called out Logan Paul who eventually accepted.

On UK ground they fought and drew. This paved the way for an iconic moment in 2019, which we will speak about soon!

This was also the year where none-other than Shane Dawson refined his videos, starting docu-series covering Jeffree Star, Jake Paul and the infamous Tanacon. Shane’s content has varied and in many ways has been unparalleled over the years.

Drake’s impact with the song ‘In My Feelings’ sparked a viral dance trend and while not being the biggest music video of the year, made a huge impact on pop culture in general.

This Year …

Being still fresh in our memories, I am sure you all remember Tati Westbrook with the ‘BYE SISTER’ video which you can still resource, but she has since taken down. James Charles, Tati and Jeffree were all thrown into the ‘Dramageddon 2’ spin within the beauty community ,which saw James lose thousands of subscribers before responding. This is still talked about now even though most of us consider it cold tea.

This occurred amidst Shane and Jeffree collaborating again for ‘The Beautiful World Of Jeffree Star‘ which produced the iconic ‘Conspiracy‘ palette and collection. The sales of this broke internet records making it the most sought after internet item ever, breaking Shopify temporarily as well as other websites.

November saw the BIGGEST event in YouTube and possibly internet history with the rematch for Logan Paul Vs KSI, where KSI rose victorious. Logan contested the final result, but it was finally confirmed recently that he fairly won. Millions of people around the world paid to see this fight, proving that YouTubers are not breaking into mainstream media anymore, they’re becoming THE mainstream media.

Music-wise this year Ariana Grande has been killing it and ‘7 Rings’ is one of the most viewed videos of the year.

This year also saw the defeat of Pewdiepie to T-series, who became the most subscribed channel on the platform. However, to most of us we still consider PewDiePie the king of YouTube and rightly so. Rumors recently suggest our King plans to quit the platform, but his recent video confirms he’s going nowhere. He just wants a short break. And, after killing it as long as he has, can you blame him?

Let’s not forget the likes of Mr Beast though who is making a huge change too with his effort to get 20 million trees planted before 2020. He’s almost achieved this too! Be sure to do your part and donate today at!

We could write so much more, but we could only include so much! Did we include your favorite YouTube video or moment? If not what was yours? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop!

Featured Image Source: Rita L- THP Graphic Artist

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