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12 Days 12 Movies (Day 8 Christmas Movie Review)

12 Days 12 Movies (Day 8 Christmas Movie Review)

We’ve been in the latter half of our countdown for a day now but it’s just beginning to feel like Christmas is on the horizon. In other news I electrocuted myself hanging up Christmas lights on the banister. I felt that too, and I’m now beginning to feel in my left hand again. Let’s get into our Day 8 Christmas movie review!

Never a dull moment. And the domestic life is never dull for our character Jack Campbell, who learns with an empty cupboard how to be a …

Family Man

Family Man poster Source: IMDB Family Man

What if? That’s the question. Our Day 8 Christmas movie review takes us back to the year 2000 when Y2K was a thing and the new millennium was rounding out its first year.


Standing in the airport as college graduates faced with great opportunity, Jack Campbell (Nicolas Cage) and Kate Reynolds (Tea Leoni) kiss goodbye. Jack has an internship with Barclay’s in London and Kate has an internship with a prestigious law firm. But amid their goodbyes, teary eyed Kate stops Jack and tells him, “Don’t leave. Let’s start our lives together.”

Thinking it’s cold feet, Jack sticks to their original plan and leaves for London, promising he’ll be back with Kate soon. But he isn’t back, and more than a decade goes by. Jack Campbell lives life at the top of the mountain. Thousand dollar suits, Ferraris and a penthouse suite. It’s Christmas Eve and Jack’s office light is the only one on in the building. He cares about money more than he does any of his remaining family.

Robbery Gone Right

But after taking a lonely walk to a convenience store for eggnog, a man named Cash (Don Cheadle) comes in with a lottery ticket. The clerk claims it’s fake and an argument breaks out. Cash pulls out a gun and threatens to kill the clerk. Jack steps in and convinces Cash to put the gun away and walk out of the store together. In pompous nature, Jack tries to ‘save’ Cash by giving him advice on how to live a good life.

Cash asks Jack, “What do you need?” To which Jack says, “I got everything I need.”

Jack and Cash Source: IMDB Family Man

Cash laughs and says, “I’m gonna enjoy this” before walking off.

Jack goes home to sleep off the night. When he wakes up, he’s in a bed he doesn’t recognize with a woman’s head on his chest. A young toddler girl storms in with a baby in her arms. She’s singing Christmas songs and cheers excitedly. She jumps on the bed and announces it’s Christmas, time to open presents! The women in bed with Jack is Kate. The toddler is his daughter. The baby is his son.

Christmas Miracle (Sort of)

Cash is an angel. And his Christmas gift to Jack on that lonely street on Christmas Eve is a glimpse into the life he missed out on by leaving Kate in the airport for London.

We see Jack struggle to adjust, giving up his penthouse for a messy home in the suburbs. His Ferrari for a minivan. His thousand dollar suits for corduroy and flannel.

There’s conflict as Jack demands he get his life back. The family doesn’t recognize this man as their father and husband. But over time the tough Scrooge exterior cracks and he realizes this is the life he wants.

Jack and Kate Source: IMDB Family Man

But as Cash told Jack, it’s only a glimpse. We won’t spoil what happens, but it’s emotional.


There are five famous faces you’ll recognize, but this movie has a variety of odd characters. As well as a compelling story, it’s the culmination of these characters that make this movie so enjoyable.

See Also

Leading roles are Nicolas Cage and Tea Leoni. Famous for so many roles it’s hard to pick the best. Nicolas Cage stole the Declaration of Independence in National Treasure and stole our hearts in Family Man. He also kicked ass in Kick-Ass. Tea Leoni currently plays Elizabeth McCord in hit TV series Madame Secretary. But Leoni has stolen the show in Fun With Dick and Jane and Deep Impact.

Don Cheadle and Jeremy Piven! Marvel fans will recognize Cheadle as War Machine in the MCU. Heisters know Cheadle from his role as Basher Tarr in Ocean’s Eleven. Jeremy Piven also needs no introduction. If you read yesterday’s movie review, the name may seem familiar. Piven was in Serendipity and played Cliff ‘Elvis’ Wolcott in Black Hawk Down.

With this cast, it’s a surprise the 2000 film is so under the radar. If you’re looking for a hidden gem this Christmas, check out Family Man. You won’t be disappointed!

Tune in tomorrow for our day 9 Christmas movie review in our countdown to Christmas!

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