James Blake Gives Us An Unusual Love Story In ‘I’ll Come Too’

James Blake Gives Us An Unusual Love Story In ‘I’ll Come Too’

GRAMMY® Award-winning artist James Blake reveals his new music video for his single ‘I’ll Come Too.’ James’s video is quite different from other music videos, as his video contains footage from BBC Earth. Needless to say, it’s beautiful! There’s a clear story throughout the video we are dying to express. You can never go wrong with replacing humans with animals, am I right?

Remember when we said there’s a story throughout the music video? Well, we weren’t lying! The video is surrounded by the fictional love story between a penguin and an albatross. These two are pretty different species, but hey, we don’t judge— especially when it comes to love.

The director of the music video, Matt Meech, spoke on how he created the visual. “I remembered some footage that we didn’t use on Planet Earth II that I thought might be useful. Both birds look quirky, elegant and beautiful, the Albatrosses have an unusual mating dance, which the penguins watch from afar and the mysterious backdrop of the Snares island, off the coast of Southern New Zealand, is a truly unique landscape.

Although the love story obviously isn’t real, Meech uses snippets of unused footage to make it appear so. He is the editor of many BBC documentaries, after all. Can you say talented? *Chef kiss*

Even though it’s probably not the visual everyone was expecting, James Blake and Matt Meech worked together to make it work! I mean, it’s James Blake thats we’re talking about— who are we to expect anything less?

‘I’ll Come Too’ is apart of his fourth album ‘“Assume Form”— which is also a Grammy nominee this year! You can take a listen to his project on Apple Music here!

James Blake will be your new fav after this.

What do you guys think of the music video? Do you think you’ll be watching more documentaries after this? Will it have you streaming ‘I’ll Come Too’ until you turn into dust? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Or feel free to tweet us @TheHoneyPop on Twitter!

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Featured Image by: James Blake via Twitter

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