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Netflix Releases Trailer for The Kevin Hart Series Don’t F**ck This Up

Netflix Releases Trailer for The Kevin Hart Series Don’t F**ck This Up

Kevin Hart fans! Get excited, because Netflix released the official trailer for Kevin Hart’s series Don’t F**ck This Up. The 6-part documentary series detailing the past year for Kevin Hart will release soon on December 27th.

A few laughs are expected, but Kevin Hart’s series delves into the real side of his life. We’ll see the struggles Hart faced growing up and the experiences he believes made him the person he is today. We’ll see the hurdles he’s had to jump throughout his life. From being a businessman, a comedian, and as a father and husband. In depth conflict within his family and his friendly ranks. Public perception. This docu-series looks to have all the raw details, offering a side of celebrities that’s often hidden from public eye behind the fog of their own fame.

The docu-series includes exclusive childhood footage of Kevin Hart. We’ll also get to see interviews from neighbors, friends and family as well as charming anecdotes from the comedian himself. Knowing Hart’s material, these anecdotes are sure to make us bust a gut, but fans can expect some drama as well.

Hart’s Controversy In the Series

Kevin Hart faced recent controversy as he was set to host the Oscar nominations. The Oscars went without an official host for the first time in 30 years due to the controversy. Kevin Hart faced backlash before and after the nominations for his comments. The backlash and the subsequent public reactions are documented in Don’t F**ck This Up.

From the fallout from the Oscar controversy, to Hart’s cheating scandal, Don’t F**ck This Up chronicles the past year in its entirety, good and bad. It’s not often we are given a glimpse into a celebrity’s true life. This documentary series is something to get excited for.

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