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The Score Release New Song ‘Bulletproof’ In The Netflix Movie 6 Underground

The Score Release New Song ‘Bulletproof’ In The Netflix Movie 6 Underground

The score have released a brand new song called ‘Bulletproof!’ It has a mixture of unique musical techniques in order to mesh genres of music you would never think to combine. It is a simple distortion of drums and other percussion instruments, along with simple musical methods such as snapping.

The song will accompany the ending credits of Michael Bays new movie 6 Underground, a movie about a millionaire, played by Ryan Reynolds, who fakes his own death. He then seeks out a full team of operatives to take down an internationally hated dictator. You can watch Ryan Reynolds kick ass here.

You may recognize the female voice from the first line of the song, and the chorus. That’s because its Xylo! She used to be in a duo with her brother but has since decided to go solo in order to do projects such as this one.

She brings new dimension to the song while also keeping the band’s ultimate signature sound alive.

We wanted to write a song that captured the feel of the movie while still being us. We felt having our friend Xylø sing the chorus would add a new dimension to the song, while still being authentic to us as a band.”

The Score on Xylo

While we are so excited to hear ‘Bulletproof’ roll during the credits, this is not the only song by The Score that will be featured in the film. You can also listen out for ‘Glory,’ ‘Legend,’ and ‘The Fear’ also being played through out the movie.

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You can listen to ‘Bulletproof,Legend,’ ‘The Fear,’ and ‘Glory’ under their selected links!

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