Create a 5SOS Playlist and We Will Guess Your Favorite Band Member

Create a 5SOS Playlist and We Will Guess Your Favorite Band Member

5 Seconds of Summer have quickly become a household name for our generation. There are plenty of reasons we love them as a band, but we can’t help but enjoy their individualism as well. But which one do you identify most closely with? And how many of 5SOS bops are on your current playlist?

Do you consider yourself quiet, cute, yet sassy like Calum? The softest gamer guy around like Michael? The adorable, funny sweetheart that is Luke? Or the quirky, cool, yet responsible Ashton?

Now that you are at the stage where you have one of the Aussie band members in mind, we have a few questions we want to ask. Taking some of the band’s EPs and their albums into consideration, we want to know if WE can guess your favorite band member.

Try out this quiz, pick the songs on each EP and album we have included, and maybe along the way remind yourself of some of the old 5SOS bops you haven’t listened to in a while! Build your 5SOS playlist and when you have finished the quiz let us know, did we guess right? We’re curious!

What tracks made your 5SOS playlist? Also, will you being seeing 5SOS on their No Shame Tour? Where? Let’s fangirl together on Twitter at @TheHoneyPop.

To Learn More About 5SOS:

Featured Image Source: Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images for Spotify Australia

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